What the Mayan calendar says? End of the world on Friday 21/12/2012

In the name of God the Merciful
Before I start writing this post I say that knowledge of the unseen knowledge no one knows but God Almighty and the time of the end of human life in the knowledge of the unseen ...
End of the world in 2012, news circulated scientific journals, the U.S., where the news was leaked from the U.S. space agency NASA in recent years.
And tells the carrier what the news agency NASA revealed to confirm the existence of another planet in addition to the eleven planets recognized.
Has revealed one of the telescopes of the Space Agency in the emergence of a planet about the size of the sun and almost dubbed nibiru ...
The Agency has to study the planet's mysterious piece and found it a huge magnetic force equivalent to what was done to the sun and therefore Gedo and that there are many risks if approached from the path of the earth ..
But this is what happened after the tests lasted for more than five years and Gedo this planet nibiru will pass near the Earth at a distance that the populations in East Asia to see him very clearly (2009), but that he would oppose the path of the earth, the spectrum in (2011) and this year all inhabitants of the earth will be able to see him like a sun again.
Given the magnitude of magnetic massive it will work to reverse the polarity that is to say pole magnetic north will become the South Magnetic Pole and vice versa and hence the earth will remain spin its usual about the same, but vice versa until the planet away from Earth, an integral way of electrodes around the sun.
Planet nibiru is a planet orbiting the Sun in the same path of other planets, but over the far where Touselo scientists that the planet takes in the rotation of 4100 years to complete one cycle around the sun, meaning it had happened to him and finished the previous session before the 4100 years old and this is what explains cause the extinction of dinosaurs and giant animals before 4100 years ago and the separation Algart from each other (what we knew Balanfjarakaber).
Where it is the passage of the planet near the earth will lose its magnetic hemisphere and therefore there will be imbalance in ground resulting in a huge egg and vast flooding and climate change is sudden, and eliminate 70% of the population of the world (everything is God willing)
It also said that even completed way and became close to the sun, it will affect the polarity and thus there will be massive explosions in the lava on the surface of the sun hydrogen, which will lead to the arrival of some lava to the surface of the earth will lead to great environmental disaster.
This explains the confusion of the U.S. government and NASA, where except after a period of discovery of the damage arising from the planet nibiru their claim that they have committed an error when Aalno the emergence of another planet, was added to the total solar system and that no mistakes but was purely scientific.
This explains the research and NASA in the past ten years on the planet is similar to the globe where people live tames its victims oxen, and also their exploratory trips down.
This explains the climate changes that have occurred in the past ten years of continuous and albumin massive floods and volcanoes can be seen in the low temperatures and melting in the Arctic and Antarctic.
Here are some of the published information for scientists from different countries on this issue: -
- French astronomer (Nostradamus) (1890): in which he predicted that the planets of the solar array will Tztrb the end of the second millennium, and will cause destruction of life after 12 years.
- Japanese mathematician (Haedo Ainakawa) (1950): in which he predicted that the planets of the solar system will be organized in a single line behind the sun - a phenomenon that will accompany climate changes and severe end life on earth by 2012.
- Chinese scientists: the beginning of the end of the world will be on Dec 21, 2012 where the planet should be anonymous at the earliest point to him from the ground and in 2014 will reach to the point of termination of the impact on the ground, integral solar to get back on track again after 4100 years. 


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