What may seem InAdequate?

http://emoticonsv.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/emoticons-300x225.jpgLucia di Lammermoor is an opera of worship upon which debate over the bill. As one of the flagship titles of bel canto, paves the way for comparisons between singers from a purely technical point of view, a horrible pastime of many operófilos that sometimes borders on perversion. Right after Saturday's representation was who said that Damrau is not a true bel canto as Gruberova, Fabiano boasts an imperfect technique to José Carreras or Tezier's voice is too colorful to pass from one record to another. Forget it. A "Lucia" as they are listening to these days in Bilbo, with a cast of singers that performs as well and given the current shortage of bel canto voice and the extreme difficulty of this opera, is a luxury Asia. Because we are not in New York or Milan, we Bilbo, and what the Met or La Scala had been very remarkable, Bilbo is simply extraordinary.
Diana Damrau only thing missing was able to take more projection and brightness in the treble. Otherwise, you can not sing much better than she did at the scene of madness, and certainly can not do more and with greater intensity. Hypnotics were a few minutes, and that almost ruined by your mobile phone should be captured and hanged by the thumbs on the stage during the following representations. The tenor Michael Fabiano debut in ABAO and was greatly surprised: beautiful voice and snatched actor, with a sharp a tad tense, but in the tragic "Tu che a Dio spiegasti l'ali", sung on the floor beside the body Lucia, gave even more excitement to the scene. It was a standing ovation from the ever hear in Bilbo. Ludovic Tezier, in a voice that ran perfectly throughout the Euskalduna, sang with distinction, but, above all, it was a terrible and inhuman Enrico to give rabies. And Orfila, as Raimondo, despite some oddities in his song, also signed a performance full of intensity, especially towards the end. The choir was good, the Orchestre de Navarra very well and the director, Carlo Montanaro, very efficient with the needs of this bel canto. The Sagi staging was simple, elegant and effective. Anyway, it was a "Lucia" a high general level. And those "Lucias" is not readily available, either in Milan or New York.


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