What is Thalassotherapy and how it can help you?

This therapy alternative medicine is the use of the marine environment (sea algae, water, mud) and other substances extracted from the sea and its climate so particular, as therapeutic agents for various diseases, both physical and psychosomatic .

Above all are usually recommended, joint problems, skeletal muscle and skin.
The word thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word "Thalassa" meaning sea, this type of therapy is the use of seawater and other in order to cure any ailment, answers our body's response to the marine environment and its elements. It has several benefits, not only to what aesthetic concerns, but is also beneficial for the proper functioning of metabolism.
Within these areas the most prominent being the responder to the bloodstream, which can significantly improve their functions, as functions cardiovascular . Seawater temperature, salinity and water jets patients received a massage, are the perfect complement to any type of exercise. It is noteworthy that the benefits of thalassotherapy are not alone in this and is recommended even for toning and weight loss , which does more to demonstrate that the advantages of it are truly integrated treatment.


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