What is MAC address and How to change the MAC address?

One of the most serious problems that can raise of not having proper security settings is to lose control of the administrative privileges at the hands of a threat to walk swarming a network. In this sense it is good to know what you're being attacked and how to protect yourself, and change the physical address of your network card can make a big difference in the consequences. Here's how to change the MAC address to an application called MAC address Changer Tecnitium makes the complex seem easy.

What is a MAC address?

This consists of a 48-bit identification value acts as a unique and irreplaceable in your card to the global communications network or small home networks. The number is composed of two blocks of different origin, as the first 24 numbers are designated by the manufacturer and the remaining are set by the IEEE, a technical association with the work of standardization. At this raises the question of which being that the MAC address is seared in the ROM on the network device and ensuring that no two identical network cards on a physical level, how is that you can change? Telling the operating system Reading makes a "different" from her, because ultimately it is this who realizes the existence of our network card.
Technitium has extensive information about your network devices. - Changing the MAC address
Technitium has extensive information about your network devices.

Change MAC address

The application will use for this is Tecnitium Changer MAC address, which is
fully developed to provide data on the status of your connection and your network devices whose primary function is to change the MAC address in order to avoid being identified on a network and remain protected from attack or test the security of the same . In the application we can start by selecting the network connection is active on our board, who can see a lot of details such as the IP address being used, the DNS server and many more than that, of course, could also be accessed from the Network panel in Windows. The important thing comes when we place the buttons at the bottom of the program, because from the Change button MAC can change the MAC address manually or trying to create random, which is what we recommend if you're not very knowledgeable about the issue.
Changed manually or assign a random MAC address. - Changing the MAC address
Changed manually or assign a random MAC address.
The changes are made ​​instantly, unless you want to change something else, you can close the MAC Address changer Tecnitum quietly and feel, depending on the case of what you're doing, the more protected than before. Since this tool to change the address or MAC can also perform other operations common in human life that connects to the network using a network card and the IP release and renew IP, ideal for when you modem ADSL and want to take advantage of some situations where identification is Private IP to use a particular service or other types of connections simply because it does not move at their appropriate levels. The same can do so by turning off DHCP and change the configuration of IP allocation . Tecnitum MAC Address Changer is free and available for Windows XP, Vista and Seven free.

Download: Tecnitum MAC Address Changer. 


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