Two theories to understand, what is flatulence?

 flato.jpgSure we have all heard many times of flatus, pain that seems on the side while we're doing sport that in many cases prevents us forward, and that blocks us and compels us to stand on dry to recover from the malaise. There are many reasons that have been raised about this pain, and yet there is no scientifically proven. Thus with this post we reveal some of the reasons that could cause the dreaded flatulence.

First of all we must realize that the fart is a nuisance that can occur to anyone as he prepares to play sports. Not that this is a symptom of any illness or discomfort, but simply a problem that occurs and thus has a logical explanation. In this case we are going to stop at the two most conclusive when describing this phenomenon.

Despite being nothing serious or dangerous, flatus is somewhat uncomfortable and painful as it is a pain like a stab or puncture that appears when you are doing any activity that involves both effort and respiratory muscle. Flatus is characterized by sudden onset while we are playing sports or even earlier, a sharp pain between the chest and abdomen, particularly in the case of punctures that occur in the diaphragm.

Theories on the occurrence of flatus

Theories about the appearance of flatus there are many, but most of them are baseless beliefs. We are going to dwell on the most reliable. First there is the theory that the ligaments that attach the stomach to pull down the diaphragm during exercise, which causes a little pain occurs in this part of the body that is what is known as flatus. Therefore, and to avoid need to pull up the trunk to return to its normal state ligaments.

The other theory that shuffle as the cause of the pain of flatus is the lack of blood supply to the area of the diaphragm while we are exercising. This lack of irrigation may have several causes, as we can be doing the digestion or we may need a lot of blood in a certain part of the body to make an effort too high, which triggers pain diaphragm known as flatus.

Avoid appearing flatus

To avoid this we need to take some measures such as drinking water in a slow and small sips. When sporting activities should avoid sudden movements and keep your breathing steady and controlled at all times. They should not play sports on a full stomach is essential if we want to maintain good blood flow throughout the body.

If you have already given us the pain we have to do is stretch the abdominal up, as it is important to tighten the abdominal muscles and press your palm on the area affected by the pain in order to get it to calm down and we can return to resume activity again.


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