Top 10 Home Protection Tips For Monsoon Season

Everyone is eagerly awaiting a cool monsoon season, after a particularly stifling summer. However, as you watch the clouds gathering and wish for a heavy downpour, you wish the you don't have to face the hassles that come along with the monsoon rains. Water seeping through the walls, termite infestations, fungus covering your walls and not to mention the respiratory problems that are caused due to this. These rainy season problems have to be fixed immediately, else it leads to damages and extensive repairs to your home.
Older homes are more prone to these problems, specially when there is a heavy shower or constant drizzle. It's your home, so protection by following a few basic tips could help you prevent many impending damages and help you have a cool monsoon home.
Top 10 Home Protection Tips For Monsoon
1. Seek professional help and check your house before the onset of monsoons for any cracks or openings. These cracks should be filled with modified waterproof mortar and sealed. The same polymer can be used to seal the joints in the pipes that take down the rain water. Ensure that the pipes that carry away the rain water, are not clogged with dust or leaves.
2. Instead of spending extra money on sophisticated decorations or furnishings, you could opt for roof insulation, which is a great way to protect your house from any impending damages. This would help keep the house warm during winter, cooler during summer. It also prevents unwanted noises from entering the house.
3. If you have any damaged tiles, replace them immediately.
4. Water tends to collect and stagnate on flat surfaces. By providing slopes where ever possible, you could overcome this problem.
5. To prevent water from seeping in through windows or doors, make sure that their frames are water tight and well-sealed.
6. For a well prepared monsoon home, regular painting of the exteriors can also prevent water leakages.
7. Installation of ventilators in the damp areas of the building avoids moisture from building up. Good ventilation ensures that there is plenty of air movement around the house.
8. Another important thing that has to be taken care of is the electrical connections around the house. Damages such as exposed wires have to be taken care of immediately, else it will lead to shock or fires.
9. Furnishings tend to get musty during the monsoon. They have to be regularly vacuumed or set out in the sun whenever possible.
10. Check for termite infestation, as an humid atmosphere will only boost the growth of termites. Make sure that wooden floors and furniture are properly polished to prevent moisture from building up. Cupboards and desks are easy target for infestation. Use camphor, neem leaves or cloves between clothes to keep away insects.

These home protection tips also come in handy for those who are under the process of constructing their dream house, as prevention is a better option. So go ahead and enjoy a great monsoon shower – only outside your home!


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