Notable things to remember while choosing your own business domain

How to Choose a domain name: 25 tips

    domain 400 Cómo elegir un nombre de dominio: 25 consejos
  1. Register your domain name before the development of its Site. In case of doubt among multiple domains, if you can afford it, register them all.
    On page check whether the domain in which thought is free and if you are busy who has booked.

    If you are really interested in an occupied domain, please contact the owner to test the feasibility of the purchase, although the price may be considerably higher.

    This domain was recently sold $ 300,000. The domain is on sale for $ 10,000,000
  2. As a first option, choose to use the brand name in the domain. Eg
  3. The name of your domain must match the name of your site, service, product or company, otherwise your visitors will find themselves disoriented.
  4. Flee domininarás generic names.
    If your company sells cars might be tempted to choose a domain as or .

    The web community perception of generic domains is very positive and the image of your company would be affected.
  5. The name of your domain should not be a slogan.
    Domains like "" are perceived by the web community as opaque or fraudulent.
  6. A memorable domain is a good domain. Google is easy to remember.
  7. A domain is a good domain verbalizable. Google can easily pronounce.
  8. A domino with semantic content is a good domain. Did you know that Google is a unit of measurement?
  9. Decant for a short domain name against a longer one.
    Although it is possible to hire a domain name to 64 characters, too long a domain is unmanageable.

    Short domains are easier to remember and quicker to type.

    An objective fact: There are no domains. Com free 1, 2, or 3 letters.

    There are only 2,428 available domains. Com 4 letters, ie less than 10% of the total.
  10. Keep in mind that Google associates the domain Page Rank of a page. Domain change can mean the loss of PR had.
  11. If the domain contains relevant keywords naturally in the name is an advantage for the indexing in search engines.
    Should not focus on choosing your domain only for the keywords it contains.

    Avoid repetition of keywords in domain names unless absolutely necessary.
  12. Avoid character separators "-", "_" in the name of your dominio.Ej:
    Leads to errors when transmitted verbally.

    Escribir.Los seekers are uncomfortable wary of this type of dominos, not indexed before or better.
  13. Use only items and determining if the name of your Site or Company also contain them. Be careful when using the letter "x" in your domain name, some proxy and firewalls can catalog your Site as adult content.
  14. If the domain name sought is busy, use your imagination.
  15. Your competition is different, dare to separate domain names.
    Use engineering names: Capitalize on the phonetics of words, double meanings, etc..

    Do you think / sweden ?
    or ?
  16. Learn from the most relevant sites: Google, Yahoo, Overture, Blogger, eBay, etc.
  17. Choose the domain. "Com" as first choice.
    edu: educational organizations are associated.

    gov: Government organizations.

    mil: military organizations.

    net: Organizations that provide network infrastructure.
    Since 1996 com net and have been open to any commercial organization.
    org: usually attributed to non-profit organizations.

    int: International Organizations.

    The country's own domain (. Is. Uk) are only advisable for companies to play their role only in that country.

  18. Leverage subdomains.
    The default domain is the www, but you can configure subdmoinios free all you need: Example:,, etc.

    Google also indexes the subdomains, but do not try to trick the search engines using subdmoinios to create multiple home pages.
    This practice is considered fraudulent and may be severely penalized.
  19. Record all possible alternatives to it. Com,. Net,. Org,. Biz,. Net ... to avoid future conflicts with other Sites.
  20. Use specialized tools for domain analysis.
    Domain Type Generator : allows us to know the most common mistakes in writing of a domain.

    Domain Name Generator : Tips on domain names. : A similar application but from another company.

    Internet Archive : May be an interesting tool if you just buy an expired domain and would like to know which site had previously
  21. Be sure to get a domain if the registration will be held in your name. Some companies offer better rates but at the cost of registering the domain name to another name. This can lead to serious legal problems in the future.
  22. Beware. In the domain market anything goes.
    To inquire about the availability of a domain can be taught his letters to a hunting company domains.

    Always act quickly and not stand for someone to forward it.
  23. Keep in mind the expiry date of your domain.
    There are many companies that specialize in buying and selling domain names that are on the lookout for domains about to expire.

    An oversight in the domain renewal, can have catastrophic consequences for your business, make reservations for long periods.
  24. Get feedback from others before making a decisión.Contar with several points of view will help you choose the domain.
  25. Accorded the importance it deserves the choice of the domain. A domain name attractive and elegant enhance the image of your business online, however unwise domain will offer a negative image to visitors. Therefore spare no effort or money, your company will appreciate it.


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