ISP forced to block an illegal download site


To fight against piracy, the Motion Picture Association has launched legal action against the British operator BT Telecom, to force him to block access to Newzbin site, known to allow the illegal downloading of films.

Already under a year ago and sentenced to withdraw all its links, the site Newzbin form one of the major players in newsgroups, to download files without being tracked.

The service was paid to users, at about 34 cents a week. Shortly after his conviction and a bankruptcy, the site was reborn in a new version called Newzbin2, hosted outside the UK with the names of anonymous owners.

However, this did not stop the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the counterpart of the MPAA, which represents the interests of the film industry internationally, to sue the British telecoms operator BT Group to of block access to subscribers Newzbin site. A hearing began Tuesday in the High Court in London. The decision will be made within weeks.

BT Group is the largest provider of Internet access in the UK, with more than 5 million customers.


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