Introduction to 4G(Wi-Max) and its features

While on site you will find information about other technologies of wireless Internet access (CDMA, 3G, Metro Wi-Fi), WiMax(4G) - is the most promising of them. Primarily because of Intel, which has included support for WiMax in its mobile platform Centrino 2 laptops and it intends to include WiMax support into a platform for MIDs Centrino Atom. But the 10 most popular questions about WiMax:
1. What is Wi-Max(4G)?
2. How does Wi-Max(4G)?
3. What are the specifications for Wi-Max(4G)? 4. How safe is Wi-Max(4G)?
5. What's better, EDGE or Wi-Max(4G)?
6. What's better, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max(4G)?
7. What's better, Wi-Max(4G) or 3G?
8. What's better, leased line, ADSL or Wi-Max(4G)?
9. How to connect to Wi-Max(4G)?
10. What are the prospects for Wi-Max(4G)?
1. What is WiMax?
WiMax - a high-speed wireless Internet. Wherever you are - in a hotel, cafes, railway station or in a traffic jam on the road, you can open your laptop and work on the Internet. WiMax stands for: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is translated as "International cooperation for Microwave Access." In the WiMax Forum includes companies such as Intel, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola.
2. How does WiMax?
WiMax can transmit data over the air (like a mobile) in an urban environment, not looking at buildings, trees or weather conditions. WiMax transmitters installed providers in various parts of the city and allow you to connect to the Internet within the entire coverage area using a computer or mobile phone that supports WiMax. In addition to accessing the Internet using WiMax for high-quality voice and video communications.
3. What are the specifications for WiMax?
* Range: up to 50 km.
* Maximum data transfer rate: up to 70 Mbps per sector in a single base station. A typical base station has up to six sectors.
* Frequency: 2.11 GHz.
* Spectral Efficiency: Up to 5 bps / Hz.
* Coverage: enhanced work outside the line of sight significantly improve the quality of the coverage area serviced.
4. How safe is WiMax?
First of all, for your health. You do not say, but the frequencies that are running WiMax has long been used by the military, so with the emergence of WiMax will be worse than none. WiMax is not more dangerous to health than conventional mobile communication.
  And of course, wondering whether the safe transmission of data on WiMax for business? In WiMAX provides a triple data encryption algorithm, DES 3. Authentication is supported as part of the sublevel X.509 digital certificates (PK1). WiMAX devices have unique certificates, one for the type of devices, one for the manufacturer. Thus, it will be achieved an efficient and reliable protection of data streams. Therefore, based on WiMax, even created a virtual private network (VPN). They allow you to create secure tunnels for communication with remote users as well as within the company.
5. What's better, EDGE or WiMax?
EDGE - a suspension over mobile networks GSM / GPRS. Maximum speed EDGE - 474 kbps (slower than WiMax). The theoretical advantage of EDGE is more coverage. However, support for EDGE in a GSM network requires certain modifications and improvements of equipment that operators have been slow to implement. Therefore, in practice, EDGE coverage is available only in relatively large cities.
6. What's better, Wi-Fi or WiMax?
In most cases, these technologies are more friends, not competitors, because they are often used together. Wi-Fi - is also a wireless technology that has approximately the same rate as WiMax, but for much shorter distances of transmission. Wi-Fi is designed primarily to build local networks in environments with relatively small radius of action. The distance from the hotspot (the transmitter) Wi-Fi to your computer no more than tens of meters. But Wi-Fi now supported by almost every notebook and mobile phone.

Therefore, Wi-Fi is often used to connect computers to the WiMax-network, and WiFi-Internet providers are trying to make friends and cooperate with providers of WiMax to provide a "last inch" of access for customers.
7. What's better, WiMax or 3G?
3G - is the common name of technology 3-generation mobile technologies that are designed to replace the mobile networks of GSM and CDMA. The most common technologies are 3G CDMA2000 1x EV-DO and UMTS / HSDPA. These technologies are competitors WiMax in mobile internet (ie internet access for those who travel frequently). They are slower than WiMax (maximum speed - up to 3.6 Mbps), but possess the same range. In addition, the existing mobile operators is more convenient to introduce 3G technology is compatible with existing networks, so coverage of 3G networks are now more than WiMax.
  However, for new providers WiMax equipment is cheaper than 3G, so most likely they will develop a network of WiMax. In addition, with Intel, WiMax support will soon be implemented in most mobile devices - laptops and communicators.
8. What's better, leased line, ADSL or WiMax?
There is no doubt that today the majority of Internet users connected through the already laid cable or telephone lines (ADSL). And the connection speed they are quite satisfied. And even (perhaps) there is no need to go to the Internet from different places. But Internet access for businesses in our time must be truly reliable. No konnekta - business stops. A wired Internet service providers often use the monopoly position and not quickly eliminate the problems with the Internet. Therefore, many companies and users use WiMax as an additional channel of access, ensuring business continuity and independence from external factors.
  In addition, the deployment of WiMax networks in undeveloped areas are still - more cost-effective than laying cable, so in these cases, access to WiMax will be even cheaper.
9. How to connect to WiMax?
Firstly, it is necessary to determine the WiMax service provider in your city and select one of its tariffs. Use the ratings of providers on our site.
  Typically, for connecting to sign a contract, get a sim-card and purchase the necessary equipment (static modem adapter to your laptop or phone). Sometimes ISPs provide their own equipment to rent and you do not have to buy it.
10. What are the prospects for WiMax?
Despite the fact that the Internet is in many cases to resolve issues without leaving the office (for example, using the Web-conference), the mobility of Internet users is growing every year. This happens because, thanks to the same Internet business becomes more global. Employees, partners and customers often live in different cities, different countries. But without a personal meeting, in some cases not enough.
  In addition, web-based applications that raise efficiency by an order of business is becoming more popular. Therefore, the demand on the global wireless Internet access will soon become the same as a traditional mobile phone.


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