How the weather can be forecasted?

What is the weather to wait for New Year's Eve? Kharkov forecasters already are building the forecast for December 31. Data collected from 10 weather stations throughout the region. What you need to know - whether to wait for the snow and what will be the temperature?

And in the rain and snow, and cold and heat. At Krasnogradskoy meteorological weather data collected over a century. Within a clear time meteorologist on duty goes to the research site. Indications gathers around the clock - every three hours. Earth's temperature, precipitation, frost, wind speed, snow depth. Nondescript house on a two-meter base - Center for the atmospheric. Inside - a few thermometers and hygrometers for measuring humidity.

Hope Monastery of weather watches for more than forty years. Says: data to be as accurate as possible, take readings from several instruments. For example, the Earth's surface temperature is measured once three thermometer. But clouds are defined in the old - "the eye". Modern devices are tens of thousands of hryvnia. To an outsider comments meteorologist on clouds sound like a strange spell.

Wingless airplane on a pole - is a modern instrument. It measures wind direction and force. All data is automatically transmitted to a computer - the duty is only gently move them in a notebook records. But even here the contemporary realities make its drop of poison.
When the weather station is lost light - and it happens quite often - an electronic device that measures the strength of the wind, simply does not work. Then, in the case enters his grandfather's proven methods. 
Weathervane does the same thing, but by mechanical means. Plaque is rejected and shows the power of wind.
Head Krasnogradskoy weather station says: Here is the weather vane, perhaps the most senior. Construction more than a century. The appliance is lifted on a pole about forty years ago.
Another working unit, "the old man '- mercury barometer. Although it did at the end of the war - in terms of accuracy, he still gives the odds to any modern electronic brother.
All readings are recorded - time to transfer them "in the center." Pensioner Hope Monastery had to learn the computer - it's all a woman enters into a special program. In the best traditions of the spy novel - before sending the data is encrypted.
Weather data in Krasnograd fall first in Kharkov Hydrometeocentre, and after - in Kiev. From the capital of information is passed to the "world" weather center - in Moscow. There bit by bit forecasters make a weather map on the entire continent.

Already forecasters make predictions for the New Year. To date, no spike is not expected. Cyclone over northern Italy will dictate its terms in the New Year's Eve.

But the snow under the Christmas tree kharkovites hardly wait for. Snow-gauge - the special landmarks - at the weather stations are idle. By all calculations, the snow will not, at least until Christmas.  


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