How to sleep very quickly? Tips for good sleep by natural steps

Here are some natural ways recommended by the experts. It can lead you to good sleep and quiet.

Stand on one leg
Try to stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Movement may be strange, but useful. When you focus your attention on keeping your balance, the brain also let. All tasks aside and focus on this movement. The result is that your mind more comfortable and relaxed and more Cefaoua. So when you lie down in bed asleep quickly overcome you.

Calcium intake
The researchers found that the calcium works to relax the nervous system and it helps to sleep at 50% and also makes you sleep soundly. Therefore, must take a glass of warm milk before going to sleep. If you do not like dairy products. Try to eat 1000 mg of calcium supplements an hour before bedtime.
Stop breathing

Once lay on the bed , Take a deep breath and stopped breathing for 10 seconds  and repeat this motion several times. Studies have shown that this movement reduces the activity of brain waves and make it up to levels that normally occurs in the early stages before going to sleep.

Blue bed
Prepared by coating the walls of your room painted blue and light blue make my bed. Some studies have shown that this color helps the body to relax the thing that helps one to sleep quick.

The mere pressure on the soles of your toes for 30 seconds helps you to enter into the stage of sleep quickly. The reason is that the fingers of the soles of the feet is directly linked with the brain. The process of encouraging them to lead you to calm and relax.

A study conducted by the University and Jesawit in the Virginia says that the smell of jasmine helps to sleep more than any other smell . The studies found that exposure to fragrance jasmine, not only makes patients walk in sleep faster than those who were exposed to lavender perfume or who were not exposed to any fragrance, But also found they were more actively during the day.

Muscle twitch
Studies have shown that muscle tension and relax five times helps you to engage in sleep, because it requires you to focus your attention on the part of your body every time. Thing that liberates the body from making the effort and in the case of relaxation.


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