How to read and understand the Qur'an?

The Qur'an, the Book of Allah the house, took download Quran twenty-three years is the life of the mission the Prophet Muhammad, the Koran is not an author wrote chapters during the period of the mission, but was revealed gradually interacting with the reality of raising the Islamic nation on the move and reality Koran later, responded by Quran the forms of those who disbelieve, why not come down to the Holy one sentence? (And those who disbelieve, if not the Koran down a single sentence)
That this method in the Altazil prove the heart, as it descends to deal with the reality Bmostagdath, and in that Ttept along the line (as well as to show him your heart and slow and Rtlnah) and even in the recitation, Quran is recited in a Motet which is how careful that stand on the meanings of words do not just stand when the alphabet.
It is strange that turns the Qur'an which was revealed to budge on the reality and make a human life, to a mere paper, and the field of search for the letters and words and .., and not about concepts and solutions to the healing of a society characterized by underdevelopment, ignorance and confusion between the ideas the situation that is not conducive to him, but for more of the misguided and wandering.
Hence become imperative for the scientists, who are aware and educated in this nation, rebuild the substantive and practical behavior, in order to consider the Koran to look at the teacher, and the Constitution, which Ensures human happiness in the world and the Hereafter, and get it out of the Isthmus of delusion and wandering, (Allah guides all those who follow His pleasure to ways of peace and drive them out of darkness into light by His decree and guides them to the Straight Path). This is a book (How to understand the Qur'an) to Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Husseini Shirazi (may God protect him) to try to restore objectivity in dealing with the Qur'an, by giving the keys that enable the reader of the Koran, from entering the world of ideas and meanings without standing on the characters and Ajtararha without exceeding these characters to the area of the mind, Noukdah meanings and making you pay for life. 


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