How to protect your children from bad face of the Internet?

"Would you put a box of pornography in the middle of the room, and then tell his children not to touch it? So why allow them to use the computer unsupervised? The truth is that the Internet is a medium with an incredible content, but with many dangers to their children, and if you do not act now, sooner or later they will be affected.

The dangers of Internet
It has been said that the Internet is like a street. In the streets there are shops, banks, sale of newspapers, schools, libraries and even evangelism. But in the street can also find adult bookstores, thieves, drug dealers, kidnappers, child molesters and even terrorists. The same happens with the Internet as well. The Internet presents two kinds of threats to the parents and their children: a virtual and real one. Virtual threat concerns the emotional and spiritual damage that can cause pornography (including child pornography or violence, which is not even legally sold in bookstores), the racist literature and anti-biblical teachings. Many parents are unaware that the very real dangers as well. The Internet is used constantly by: abusers and kidnappers of children and young people, thieves looking for credit card numbers, and people wanting to cause destruction to provide recipes for making drugs or bombs.

Where is the danger?
There is a danger where there is a computer: at home, the library, the house of friends and even at school. Remember that the National Library Association has fought against the use of anti-pornography programs for years. It is very likely that your local library or school for their children allowing such destructive pornographic content. On the other hand, the danger is also on computers, both for children who seek Him, and for those who are not looking. For example, a child may find material harmful to type a wrong address or do a search using words like "toy, boy, girl, dog, Britney Spears and others as innocent as these. Furthermore, the producers of pornography have become the names of sites that contain children's brands such as Pokemon, Disney, Barbie, and others.
How to protect your children

* Pray that they are not caught.
* Do not fall into the trap of thinking that your child needs to force the Internet. The latest model of computer does not make his son a scientist.
* Do not trust that they will do the right thing. Implement the next contract, which must be signed by parents and their children.

Contract for computer use

* I will use the computer in a public place in my house, never in my room.
* I will never give my name, address or phone to anyone without the approval of my parents. Nor will fill in the computer polls.
* Never buy something online without your permission.
* Never tell anyone online where I'll be no talk about my schedule.
* Never go into a chat (chat) without the approval of my parents. I recognize that there are people on these sites really are not children.
* Only send IM (Instant Messaging) persons approved by my parents.
* Never open email if I do not know the sender.
* Treat people the way I want to treat me: not bad words and threats.
* I understand that my parents can monitor what I do on the computer or use programs that filter the Internet. They do it because I love and I want to protect.
* Will report to my parents immediately when you see negative images, pornography or violence anywhere on the Internet, IM, chat, email, etc. .. If I come across an accident involving a pornographic image or violent, turn out the computer and I will tell my parents what happened.
* No Internet will look more than hours per week.
* I will not use the Internet in the house of my friends or the library without permission from my parents.
* I understand that the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and I understand that I can lose that privilege to violate any of these points


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