How to identify the customer type and needs?


It is very important to really know who your customers and take time to meet your needs.

1.   Loyal customers - loyal customers are likely to be 20% of its customers. However, these people only give you 50% of its sales. When people find a good service or product at a reasonable price, is likely to return to your business the next time. For example, why is so popular Pollo Campero in Guatemala? Surely it is because you know there will get food that tastes very rich at a reasonable price in a decent place with good service.
2. Customers who buy at a discount - These customers are characterized as customers buy when there are offers and discounts. It is normal to offer discounts like 2 for 1 or lower the price by 10% to attract these customers. His goal is to convert to customers who buy nothing but loyal customer discount.
3.   Customers who bought with momentum - These are the customers that go through your business and suddenly they see something they want to buy in your store. These customers are attracted to the counters of his business.
4.   Customers need - These customers are looking for a particular product or service and come to your business to find it. You've probably heard about your business by advertising or because someone happened to the voice.
How do you know your customers?
What usually happens is that customers type number 2, 3 and 4 come to the store and esperaremosmos return as loyal customers (type number 1). It is important to ask questions about who they are, how they behave, where they live, and what are their interests. When you return to your business again, try to remember their answers and then start forming a good relationship with them.
How can you know what your customers seek?
There are many resources available to help your business to focus on loyal customers to make them faithful. You have the answers to the questions, the survey results do, statistics on sales, customer complaints and general questions.
To get the most from the information of each day, keep good records of their daily transactions. There are several techniques to accomplish this:
1.   Every night write down who visited his business and what they ordered. You can check this list later to remember who your customers
2.   You can prepare a list of questions and brief surveys selecting certain customers .-
3.   Review sales statistics - How many sales did and what size? Do you seek certain products more than others? What products are not selling?
4.   Keep a record of major complaints - What kind of complaints there often? On what are they?
5.   Keep a file on the main questions that makes the customer - What questions do they do end up buying something those customers?


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