How to control the emotions?

Emotion: is a disorder that includes severe and affect all of the individual in his behavior and his emotional and physiological functions of the internal.

 We are in our daily lives and social feel than the emotions and situations affective different in different circumstances and different situations and these emotions have a significant impact in our social and our psychological and organic, too, sometimes the emotions are like the salt of our experiences and expertise are those that give a taste of life and fun on the social relations of different and sometimes Other Mafi be the worst of life.

Emotion rights occur in the parent reaction to the effects severe, whether the source external or internal memories and the emotion and function of biological important because it helps the organism to resist dangerous situations or to escape it, or continue to pursue and make the effort, in the case of emotion occur several physiological changes while paying hormone adrenaline the liver to increase its activities shall increase the amount of sugar in the blood and thereby increase human energy and increases the activity of gland race and less activity of salivary gland is also noticeable widening divisions of the trachea also occurs expansion in the iris and increases muscle tension in the body in general, which is useful especially in situations danger or situations that require more activity and effort, but sometimes react rights in the changed attitudes of natural emotion or exaggerating the emotions and loses emotion useful biological and even become harmful to humans has been shown that the emotions of excessive and abnormal considerable influence in the emergence of many physical illnesses such as: disorder diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, digestive disorders and gastric ulcers and disorders of the blood vessels and the heart, such as high blood pressure and disorder Dqath and disorders common disorder is asthma, which may occur as a result of anxiety and severe feelings of inferiority and pervasive reliance on parents and Spring Fever, sore throat, colds and flu and urticaria chronic found some doctors it due to repressed sexual desires and states of emotion also play an important role in some disorders of posts increase in glandular secretion of the thyroid gland may be due to anxiety, hatred, and some cases of diabetes and menstrual disorders in women.

As the emotional turmoil of life cause all these physical symptoms and the many that we live in an age when we are facing every day situations give rise to emotion became the duty of the human emotional life that is containing structured to ensure a stable, happy quiet life free from disease and pain

In the beginning should refrain rights from an excessive fear and getting carried away with anxiety, obsessive and the many evil consequences of anger, he should also learn how to control the emotions do not let the same prey to many emotions intense haunted for trivial reasons, the wisdom of wisdom and not be driven blind to the emotions without the arbitration of the mind.

These are some general suggestions that will help you learn to control emotions in general
1 - The same emotional energy in useful work
Generates emotion excess energy in the body to be useful if the situation requires this energy and be harmful if not disposed of so that you can train to do some useful work when they react so as to get rid of this energy you can exercise, or arrange for your tools office or out for a walk this that would save you from excess energy and reduces Anfalk.

2 - About your attention to other things
When the Rights of any useful work to get rid of energy emotion he also directs his attention to the business and this helps it to reach the state of calm and get rid of the emotion quickly, so it's best to turn your attention to anything makes you feel happy or comfortable when you are in a state of anger or fear or the case of any emotion.

3 - Try to raise opposition to the emotional responses
Succeed, some people get rid of the fear if they resorted to whistling or singing, and I have a friend get rid of the concern quickly if laughter, these simple tasks gives one a state of satisfaction and pleasure, a condition incompatible with the state of emotion negative Thus, they you go away emotion gradually, it is useful to follow these way more emotional for edgy is not acceptable, if you feel about something to someone from the ball without justification, you should be looking at this person about the reason for that could provoke Admire and Asthsank, and if I felt inferior in position in front of strangers, you can look at yourself Mizzatk and talents so that you can be estimated on the basis yourself well appreciated, it will help you get rid of the feeling of inferiority and Anfalk is good.

4 - Send a state of relaxation in your body
Occurs emotion general state of tension in the muscles of the body may be circumstances do not require certain actions to be of Tefis energy emotional as I mentioned earlier in this Alhaalp preferably be used to relax and you can train yourself while agitated on to send in your body a state of general relaxation.

5 - Learn to look at the world gay
That we can overcome many of the emotions severe if he tried to discuss the attitudes that give rise to troubles for items that could cause laughter or sarcasm or delight and drew his attention to these elements and try to be seen look fun and so easier for the same positions extreme There is no doubt that laughter Best of anger to the health of the soul and body.

6 - Avoid the important decision in your affairs during a strain
Strong emotion of any kind disrupt thinking and paralyze the human ability to see things objectively and in the proper manner, therefore, be a human being subjected to sentencing wrong when the emotional, and therefore we should avoid deciding what is important during the emotion, wait until you calm down and then re-think about it again , and no doubt this will help you avoid many of the mistakes that can get damaged.

7 - Avoid situations that give rise to Anfalk
If unable to control emotions in some situations and we all do, it is better to try to avoid these situations if you know for example that your arguments with so and so would raise Anfalk and will end the debate Bgillkma together. it is better to debate with this person.


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