How to clean the painting, picture and photo properly without damage or colour loss

Delicate parts, oil paintings old and old can look like new if you follow the tips we will detail. We have only some products easy to find and a little skill.
Usually over time any major oil loses its luster and seem somewhat damaged, but we can safely clean and no damage. Cleaning an oil painting is relatively easy and can perform this task yourself in your own home. As a first step, we should permeate a clean cotton swab in warm water and try to clean up an area of ​​the table is not visible. We must do it in a circular motion and without much purpose to insist that water does not penetrate the fabric.
If not successful, so we have to do is try now preparing an ammonia-based solution, only one or two drops, and about three fingers of water. Usually the dirt would stay in the cotton used. When we have verified that the painting was not damaged, we can repeat this formula down the fabric. The cleaning of fabrics should always be soft and delicate.
After removing all dirt, we have to let the moisture dry and apply a spray matte varnish to protect it. If the picture is very rich and valuable it is best to consult with an antique dealer.


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