How to become a software engineer?

Until recently, software engineering still occupies No. 1 on the list of Time magazine to the highest paid jobs. In spite of all the media hype about the low demand for such jobs, software engineering is still sitting at the top of the career ladder. I wrote this article for any person (called a secondary or tertiary) seen in the software engineering function and the future.


  • Think of getting a degree. With all the success stories of people who left the university in a period in the nineties to become a then-executive directors of the wealthy, there is the temptation that "as long as you think outside the box and have the distinct skills in programming and address the problems you do not need a college degree." It is difficult for engineers programming novices to get a job without having the appropriate degree.
  • Comprehended all mathematical concepts in secondary school. Try to Learn Math (university level) before you leave for the secondary stage, where you'll learn a lot of mathematical laws to complete the engineering program in computer science.
  • Majoring in the field you love. Where if you love the design of games and you want to enter this field as a programmer games, you'll need a degree in computer science. If you want to work for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, ... Etc., it is best to get a degree in computer science as well. If you want to get a job with one of the non-technical companies that are designing business applications, think about getting a degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) or a similar degree. Most of the time, this is kind of better grades for the majority, as they provide many of the managerial skills and business and ignore the public information that may not be useful to many.
  • Add to study some of the regular personal research. Search the bulletin board posts and noted the new technologies and leading used at that time. Faculty can not simply provide all the knowledge you need, but you have to buy some technical books and teach yourself.
  • That were not planning to get a job as a trainee, you should try to look for some outside projects while complement your studies. Companies do not want to risk hiring a new graduate without carrying on his shoulders any field projects. The training phase phase useful in the care of this problem, but unfortunately not many students can only do so because they prefer working in other places. But in any case, the only way to provide some of the options is to engage in some of the work is descriptive to be added to the list of your projects within the extra-curricular resume.
  • Bengi good of your communications programs. Try as much as possible to develop some of the projects under their supervision.

Important points

- Z software engineers differ from company to company. Where you can wear a suit while in a company, you can wear the shirt in the other, trousers and sandals. Always call in advance before the interview to inquire about the possibility of wearing a suit in the interview. Where is such a question of good questions, because in many cases even the dress is one of the key factors in Izaark professional appearance and can add to you points good indication that you are the kind that tries to show professional look decent.

- If you are asked a series of technical questions during the interview, answer them honestly, but be careful in the selection of appropriate words. Is not obligatory never "do not know," and instead say "I did not come across such a scenario where they can use that yet," and then tried to explain the mechanisms of intelligence in the case of Adtarark to do so. Do not try to repeat it during the interview and if you have questions Another technique simply remind the interviewer about your methods of research savvy.

- At the end of the interview, ask some questions and if the person being interview "technical" try to pick some technical questions appropriate. Do not try to interrogate the other hand here, but try to think of asking an intelligent answer some technical matters related to the project company or landlord to do. Be careful with this point too, so if you are not sure you will be the appropriate way, set it aside.

- Instead of getting a degree in Computer Science and completed Emczuark later in software engineering, you'll only get a degree in software engineering to start Emczuark and there are a lot of schools at this time of offering such degrees, and it usually gets software engineers better salaries of the architects of specialty computer science. The reason for this is that the skill of designing and documenting operating system much more important than the ability to program.

- Another way (along with a university degree) to achieve such a position of becoming a Hakra of free software , but characterized this way with some difficulty. While it is possible for the free software community to provide you with adequate skills, it is likely that you need to prove it, as you must first obtain a job that allows you to develop your skills under the experiment. If you had a choice, it is in any case the option to wear the university is considered the best.


Be prepared to ride the roller-coaster, where it is known that the industry is constantly evolving and self-education will never stop at the end. If you do not find yourself eager to learn all that is new, it is better to change your field from now.


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