How to become popular among the people?

The happiest people look forward to his knowledge and seeks to accompanied by others, Vmahbp people a badge of honor deserves to be flown all cuddly in front of people, which is an end in itself needs to Lynn and the creation of orthodox and screen in the face and the good treatment that enables you to make the enemy your friend. Although they are not aware of all because no one enjoys the love of all people, Our love varies, ranging from one person to another.
So come us stand on some points that make you worthy of capturing the hearts of people, gather around you.
Love yourself
What is the meaning of self love? Do you expect that people love you if you do not like yourself?
Selfishness is not intended, of course, but is intended to:
  • Know your abilities and work to adapt, Vspellna to success is to focus on Myatna to fix them, even if we focus on our strengths and our work on adaptation, the self-confidence will increase which will encourage us to fix our weaknesses.
  • Know your weaknesses so that work on the guide.
  • Define your goals and seek to achieve, these goals are based on Mmizzatk and loving; because setting goals and will strive to satisfy part of the psychological needs that are not indispensable to satisfy them so that you can continue your life properly. I do not mean here the goals just beyond years of schooling or access to the position of a particular job, but you can have them make a living for your life meaning, and then comes the objectives of the process by which this verification message.
  • Learn how to deal with negative feelings in a healthy, man passes his life in much of the stations that do not achieve the result he wants, which is normal, in order to be happy and continue your trip you have to learn how to get out of this negative situation into a positive situation.   
You love yourself you will live a state of inner peace is reflected on your relationships with people, and proficiency for your business and everything in your life.
Smile please
The simplicity is something very touching in others and you, too. Try now that frown and then smile and noted the change in your feelings, and ask yourself: How do you feel about people you see smiling and some other sees dour?.
Be the master
Said: folk master server, helping people, even in the simplest things, as if to give them a place to sit or volunteer making tea for your family or other easy things in the performance of the great impact. And help you to help people know what Tgidh and can help the people in it. But be careful not to always say: "Yes I will," he said, counting only what we can deliver to perfect what you do and keep your promises to yourself reserves the esteem and respect for you people.
Have you thought about why God created you ears and tongue and one
Some might think that a person of few words boring the listener or before, the opposite is true; because a good listener to understand people's concerns, feelings and way of thinking, Vitejer topics appropriate when speaking.
How to be a real listener?
The listener is asking about the good points are not clear in the words of his interlocutor without interrupt. It is necessary to correct only the words of the spokesman could be corrected necessary, Vadeawha as something bought hundreds of pounds while the price does not exceed the scores is not an error requires correction.
How to accept the advice?
  • Listen to the advice of the focus and attention.
  • I thank the person for his interest, and promise to consider his words.
  • Think about what you face criticism, take only what is good for him.
  • Do not take criticism very personally, Criticism directed at the behavior or character, not what you in particular.
  • Do not argue with that did not agree with the other party, there is a difference between debate and discussion, and your right to offer your opinion if any of the other party willing to listen and debate, but that did not find him ready to change his point of view, change the subject gently; because the debate opens the way to create animosity between you and the others.
With the aim
You need to know the reason why communicating with someone, the goal is to be friendly to others or to provide advice or otherwise, and not just the motivation to achieve personal interest.
You might wonder: what is the benefit behind the target to communicate with others? Are not we often start talking in a topic to take a decision then leads us to talk to other topics, and we parted without surprise that we are to achieve the desired objective of the meeting? The reason is that your goal is not clear in your mind while you talk.
Be honest
No one trusts the person some faculty, for example, if someone calls you do not want to talk to him and went to a room other than where there is the phone, and asked who is on the phone to tell the caller that you are not here and you point your finger into the room by standing where he is, is lying in front of young children allowed? Both because the young child make sense if you did not notice it, and honesty with him since a young age will pay to have confidence in you. When others see that you do not lie even to young, they will increase respect for you and trust you.
If accustomed yourself to the truth in such matters simple and accurate, the tongue Siatadh even in difficult situations. If you tell a lie for the benefit of close, you will lose the greatest interest is the people's confidence in you, but your confidence in yourself.
If you tell a secret so be wells
Others talk to you in secret, even if the Secretariat did not ask you to conceal it and that was not a secret in your opinion, what is estimated mystery author, goes back to not be the subject of talking with others is the news of people and their stories so as not to inadvertently spread a secret. There are a lot of issues than we can speak about it.
Be generous to speak good
"Thank you": Say that you provided a service, even if simple, and strive to be proportional to the size of Thanksgiving with the size of the service provided so that others believe him and come to terms.
"Sorry": This will raise the floor of your destiny when you say it in the appropriate place, when the error is. There are words like: "Excuse me, please, with your permission" make you respected and love of others.
And pay tribute to what you like really does not skimp on praise, if a friend asks you what you think about the painting Votn what is in the beauty of what you notice them if you do not like some of them, at least the effort made in the plot. If possible Tnawk specific and detailed as you like.

Beware of insults
The insults Isbak love and respect for those who hate swearing, the usual and makes it more aggressive to you, do not they put in a cast; Choose your words so you do not come out reasons not even abrasive terms of taste and decency but were not Spapa.

How to choose appropriate topics when talking with others?
Talk to them in their interests is something reflects your interest in them personally, and will be fun for them, people like to spend time with you and talk to you. You can listen to the concerns of others by listening to them and note the topics that speak it much, and with enthusiasm.

There are issues you should completely avoid talking to them, or even participate by listening to what is said by such as backbiting and gossip and ridicule.
Some resorted to backbiting motivated by rage and anger, in this case we see that it does not need to do that, it will not bring you your rights unless you complain to the back of his hand to you your right, truth, tolerance Sereg too. Even if your drive is to keep pace with the absence of the others to talk so be confident that you will lose the respect and confidence of those, and of you of you, it was suggested to change the subject, or took to defend this person, or leave the Council. But if your drive is Asthzawk of others, the former should be more interested flaws on the defects of others, do not count that you uphold as much as yourself will decrease from as much as others, but you do the opposite, and do not make reminded people what they hate as a means of entertainment and spend the time, specify your goals well and busy will benefit you .
And gossip, the transfer of talk among the people who said in their case, the purpose of the will of evil who quoted him speak or to show love and concern for the interests of the movement to speak, or have fun and spend time - things that should not like you described it, it makes others suspicious of you and apprehension . As well as not worthy of you to sit down to gossip or hear from him or bring him purpose, he is with you today and you tomorrow, do not you believe in the words do not try to investigate the truth, and probably the best Bikwank, does not work stirrer in catching the error you you so appointed by the success of his mission, and including You may well have known Beware of him and avoided as much as possible and select your relationship with him.
Not fitting for someone who is keen to love people and want them, that addressed by ridiculing either orally or tradition or reference, in writing or drawing, all of this impediment to their love for you.
How to show your interest to others without interfering with none of your business?
I know that the degree of close you are to know the person and his inclination to secrecy or disclosure is what determines the quality of your questions.
For example, if the absence of a colleague at work you can show your note for his absence and found that you just wanted to check on him without asking about the reason for his absence, and thus found another interest in it and you feel Pavtkadh while absent, without showing that you are curious looks forward to something to hide from the others.
Joke double-edged sword. How to use it properly?
There is no doubt that joke somewhere between the heart and removes the barriers between people, fun person and loved by people, but the banter has certain controls should be observed so as not to lead to negative results, including not to be:
  • With those who do not know well; because it may explain your joking is wrong.
  • Overly exaggerated, fictitious stories weave just to make people laugh smirking.
  • The intimidation of people and abuse them, whether by words or acts.
  • Absorbed a large part of your time.
  • Accompanied by laughter or loud movements are exaggerated so as not to lose Gark. This does not mean frown or depression, there is a difference between a smile and a joke overload.
  • Do not be ridiculous joke of a particular country or region specific, as when a common joke between us about the people level.
  • In matters not valid authorization.
Negative feelings toward the people was inevitable .. How do you deal with it successfully?
The feeling of some negative feelings toward some people a bit of time is normal, but how to overcome these negative emotions?
  • Ihsan people remember you and Lance insulting, do not make bad one reason for the demolition of the former all the good deeds. And trained yourself to provide the good without waiting for the other hand, he would definitely return to you twice from the same person or from someone else.
  • Express your anger, this is normal, but what is important and how to express. And wait until you calm down during this period and will arrange your thoughts down whether it was worth the admonitions or not.
  • If that is simple and non-recurrent, there is no need to reproach because it puts barriers between people.
  • If it calls for him to stand, select the thing that upset and feel about this act and I know of others in order to Ijtenboh and return it.
I like them well
I'd love to others what you love for yourself, so if you love yourself success loved also to the people, do not waste time one does not make you hate or envy to discourage others from achieving their goals, but you love to yourself calm, you sleep love him also for your family and your neighbors, do not bother them.
In the end
We hope that we have been successful to put your hand on some of the means and methods that will attract people to you, and above the Faihbounk your status in their eyes and love them and be happy and your happy, if you keen on your principles and committed to.


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