How to attract qualified traffic to your profile on Linkedin?

Getting your LinkedIn profile is much visited is a goal not easy and for you to work the tool and experiment with different methods. Below I present that to me are the 10 best ways to drive traffic to your Linkedin Profile
  1. Complete your profile 100%

    • So important is drive traffic to your profile and keep him in it. If your profile is weak so we'll get is a rapid expulsion of the visit and a negative differentiation. Complete it before carrying out any of the other councils.
  2. Increase your number of contacts.

    • The search results come from the network of contacts for each user, therefore, the more networks are, the better. The network is formed by contacts of first and second degree members of those groups to which they belong.
  3. Join Groups.

    • You have a limit of 50 groups of which can be a member. As already stated, the groups, are essential parts of your network and therefore, the origin of appearances searches.
  4. Please note the keywords.

    • Are words related to your "expertise" for those who want to appear well positioned in search. Is that these keywords appear not only in "Specials", but throughout your Linkedin profile. The more repetitions, the better positioned you will appear.
  5. Questions answered.

    • It is an excellent way to bring qualified traffic to your Linkedin profile. Select your area of ​​"expertise" and answer questions that interested professionals in your field.
  6. Update your status frequently.

    • Your "Update Personal" is the first thing that appears on the homepage of your network, and is a good way to stay in the "top of mind" of your contacts. Through this type of update you can share links for your network, providing real value.
  7. Are active in niche group.

    • Show your "expertise" in those groups in which topic you Linkedin specialist. Open discussion, comments, contributes to relevant content provides value to the Group. This is one of the best ways not only to generate traffic to your profile but to develop its own brand and start becoming a reference and authority.
  8. Create a Professional Group.

    • Create a Group is one of the most powerful thing you can do on Linkedin to generate qualified traffic to your profile. It is also crucial to strengthen your position as an expert, the best in Linkedin. Finally, you decide both the issues to be treated as the professional profile of members.
  9. Write your own blog.

    • The blog is a key tool in social networks. Bind with Linkedin is a great way to bring qualified traffic to both platforms, empowering, like the group itself, the position of expert. If you already have, do two things, first, install on your Linkedin profile or BLOGLINK WP Application to display the latest posts in your profile, and second, create a custom link from the "Web Sites" in your profile.
  10. Make a "Copy & Paste" the URL of your linkedin public profile.

    • Once copied with right mouse button (Copy Shortcut), paste it into your email signature. Thus, each time you send an email, to provide, from the same direct access to your profile generating traffic that in this case, it is professionals that work in your day to day.


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