How Google rewards our presence on Twitter and Facebook?

The algorithm used by Google web pages to positioning is not usually something that controls a company. Still, almost all companies have clear the importance of being present in Twitter and Facebook to better position themselves, not just the need to be there if that is where the buyers are, but the importance of how to be present. Víctor Pérez Acosta speaks of this in this post: "Why social networks are important in SEO".

We talked several times about the importance of social networks in building online reputation. But now we speak of the importance of the links on Facebook and Twitter have in achieving a good SEO. Recently Google, the blog of Matt Cutts has confirmed that the measurements on these social networks are considered in the algorithm that calculates the final position of a site in search results pages. Expand on the concept.

It is true that mentions on Twitter and Facebook have already been considered in real-time search. The novelty is that the indications now are considered the natural position, with perhaps more important than a link elsewhere. The first thing you need to consider is that not all the links created on Twitter and Facebook have the same value. Google always tries to assess the popularity of the website and in this case taken as greater or lesser extent the popularity of the followers of each user. That is to afford a link on Twitter by a user who has few followers represent a minor benefit to do so by a user who has many followers. Consequently there would be a good idea to start a campaign of door openers in hopes of influencing the ranking of a site. 

How then capitalize on this new feature. Ideally, you face a social marketing campaign and achieve effective and stable presence in social networks through the creation of online communities. So if most of the efforts of SEO and SEO so far were only focused on "traditional SEO", it is time to seriously consider a campaign medium and long term include social networks mentioned. This is not to create profiles and keep people, but to achieve true interaction, failed to produce a response from the community and be considered a site of value for users.

Consider social networking as a construction technique of informal networks is not get to see the true value that they can have as power and mobilizing in the ranking of a website. Social networks have become a reference point for potential buyers and merit for themselves the effort that can be applied in developing their growth.


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