Compiling the Linux Kernel

I'll explain in a few steps, how you can build the long-awaited Kernel 02/06/1939.
In this case the installation is on Ubuntu 10.10, using GTK +. This system is exactly the same for any version from 10.04, there are other methods, but this is quite simple.

The first thing we have to do is download the new kernel, in this case linux-2.6.39.tar.bz2 

After downloading the file, unzip it in the usual way, within the folder / Usr / src and create a link to that folder.

All commands will be run as the Root.
# Ln-s / usr/src/linux-2.6.39 / usr / src / linux
Then we went to the folder created
# Cd / usr / src / linux
# Make clean
# Make mrproper
Then we must create the configuration file by running:
# Make gconfig
With this we enter the configuration GUI core:

You see, the program is fairly intuitive, and by default loads the settings from your old kernel, so you only have to modify the 'new'. If not there, you can accept the default settings, and your system will boot with the old settings.

Once completed, or accepted configuration, save and started installing the modules (may take some time).
# Make modules modules_install
We can only continue with the installation of the Kernel.
# Mkinitramfs-o / boot/initrd-2.6.39. Img / lib/modules/2.6.39
And update the grub.
# Update-grub
The next time you reboot, you will have already loaded the new kernel in Grub.

No need to tell that we are playing parties 'sensitive' in our core, So if you do not know, do not touch anything.

Gtk + and its libraries are the repositories of major distributions or since Official Site.
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