Apple - iOS 5 review
Apple - iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

New version of mobile operating system, Apple took the best developments of its competitors and made them even more convenient. This, of course, refers to the new notification system and integration into Twitter . However, other innovations have been at least surprising. We waited for some functions, but have other - more interesting .

1500 new opportunities for software and 200 new features for ordinary users - a decent and somewhat standard figures for each significant upgrade iOS. At that time, as the iPad two cheerfully to install the new firmware (the review will be, yes!), Go over the new features of the system, which we so far have not been told.

From this autumn all iDevaysy finally become full-fledged mobile device, completely independent from your computer. Because now when you first turn your iPhone or iPad with iOS 5, we were met not "string" and an icon iTunes, and the welcome screen and the initial configuration of the device. Like when you first install Windows and Mac OS, we introduce regional and personal data, set up to connect to Wi-Fi, set the synchronization method - and all the gadget is ready to use. All the music purchased from the iTunes Store and all applications, acquired the App Store, you can instantly download from the respective stores. Whole package. The advantages are obvious legal content.
We turn to the built-in applications, and start with the new - Newsstand, a Russian localization - Kiosk. This is a separate series of shelves, which are automatically posted all purchased magazines, as well as their releases, downloadable in the presence of paid subscriptions. In the future, here to move all electronic publications that are sold in the App Store.


The most convenient and at the same time a simple browser, Safari has been updated and now finally supports tabs. No windows, accessible via a separate menu, namely the tabs that can be moved as zablagorazumitsya. Two more brand new features in the browser generated by third-party programs like Instapaper and service ReadItLater. First - Reader. It removes all "unnecessary" from a web page, leaving only the text and pictures. Formatting in this case remains in place. Second - Reading List, a convenient alternative to the system bookmarks. The needed page can be "set aside for later and return to them through a separate interface panel.


On the desktop there was another new application - Reminders. This is a task manager and "napominalok, now built into iOS. Nicely designed, it allows you guessed it, plan a small problem and combine them with a plan for the day from the calendar. A big plus: the standard calendar reminders not pereseskayutsya with Reminders, so that your "Buy milk" will never be blocked by paragraph "business meeting". You can set the tone and mark the place the task on the map.

During the WWDC transition to the new presentation of the application the Camera called the author of a surge of skepticism. Apple took several years to make such a simple feature, like photographs of the volume keys. But now we are naturally very happy - because it's convenient. On the screen appeared a separate key lock, causing the camera. In the annex, in addition to additional options for the shutter and manual zoom, there was a very useful feature - built-in photo enhancement. When you click edit and leveled the entire histogram contrast. There you can rotate, crop photos and remove red eye.
For the first time in Annex Post Office the opportunity to format text in bold, italic and underlined letters. This ensures that our letters sent to iDevaysov, become a bit more diverse and easier to read. And this will now no longer need to use the web interface. Supported reducing the size of selected text. Letters themselves can be marked - a useful feature to highlight the appropriate correspondence. Looking ahead to the impending review of the firmware, we note that the limit for the locally cached emails have increased up to a thousand pieces. Just do not forget about support standard secure S / MIME - corporate segment will appreciate it highly.
With the new keyboard so all happened suddenly. Perhaps it was the least expected feature in the new firmware. Nobody even thought that Apple will go to the division of virtual keys into two panels. This system fared well on devices from other manufacturers and will now be available to all owners iPad. One-touch keyboard is literally spreading the two halves of the screen. Probably have to get used to it (hint: really have to). But now, typing on Apple may be on the move without taking both hands.

In iOS also somehow have built a full-fledged dictionary, by analogy with OS X. Works is simple: select a word and get its meaning, pronunciation and origins.

From now on, updates will be downloaded over the air "is not in the format of the entire firmware, but as a" patch ", mounted on top of iOS 5. The rumors were true. And what about the wireless sync? Just open iTunes on your computer, go into the settings iPad and initiate the process. Everything else the system will do itself.

Seriously altered, and Game Center. As if in some Xbox Live, users iDevaysov can upload your photo, to score points Achievments, browse lists of foreign friends, find games for his taste, and install them, do not go into the App Store. Added support incremental game: As soon as your opponent will move, you will be notified. Slowly but surely, Game Center is transformed into a decent gaming network and useful application on the SpringBoard.

Communication platform for the exclusive owner of the iPhone and iPad, an abundance spread in the App Store, have lost all meaning with the advent of application iMessages. Outwardly, it looks almost the same way as SMS icon in the last firmware iOS. But in addition to communication via the cellular network operator, iMessages offers to exchange messages directly through the server, Apple. Naturally, absolutely free. The main thing to know the e-mail recipient, which is configured to the device.

We almost missed the opportunity to transfer video from iPad 2 on Apple TV without any wires to HD-resolution. No longer need any cables: your Springboard, and any applications appear instantly on your TV screen. And iPhone is blinking flash, when we miss calls or comes to a new post.
Changes in more detail, but they went beyond the official presentation. The most daring and attached to the accounts of the developers already had the opportunity to install the beta version iOS 5 on their mobile devices. We are pleased to include in their number.


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