70% of sites providing content could be closed by the Law Sinde

A computer analyzed 500 sites that share copyrighted content, as seriesyonkis.com and cinetube.es to know what could be closed without problems when Sinde Act comes into force.

Although the manuals circulating in Internet avoid being censored by Sinde Act, the new regulations would affect 70% of the download pages of most popular content in Spain, including seriesyonkis.com and cinetube.es. Other so called divxonline.info be saved from the closures and fines provided for by the controversial law.

The draft Royal Decree implementing the Law 'anti-piracy' is in progress and will be ready in late August. In September it is expected that Coalition of Creators and Content Industries submit a package of complaints against several sites, "Especially to get media attention," says Alejandro Ramos, Specialist in Internet security.

The computer analyzed 500 sites that offer copyrighted content without paying to know how many have some part of their infrastructure in Spain. If this site has nothing to do with this country, says Ramos "Can not be sindeable".

Seriesyonkis.com, cinetube.es, and mascine.net documentales.es are just some of the domains that are somehow linked to the country, so the government could act against them and close them without "no effort".

"I have ruled out sharing the server, create a social web and anonymous payments," says computer scientist who has focused his research on the most basic attempt to punish the law Sinde. Other elements could be tried, but in those cases the procedure for blocking would take longer.

That is the case divxoline.info, Which is registered in the United States and the Bahamas, so in principle, orders to close the site should come from these countries.

Of the 373 sites that could be easily operated, 156 are housed in the country. The rest, in the U.S. (where the laws are even stronger), although some part of the site is operated in Spain. Ramos has found that most pages' sindeables' have hired servers in Madrid (none in Aragon) and domains. "is'.

The specialist, however, clarifies that many of these sites have multiple addresses, Which makes it very complicated blocking. "We saw a smaller scale and globally with Rojadirecta Wikileaks. The more you press to close the page, the information appears more sites to access it alternatively. There is no way to eliminate them, "he says.

According to him, those who manage these sites should consider whether it is profitable to keep fighting them to deliver content and receive money on advertising, or whether they should close. As shown studyTo survive many should move their pages to countries like Russia or Ukraine, Havens for cybercriminals due to the weakness of its laws 'anti-piracy'.

"On the Internet can not be erased, written with pen, pencil not," Ramos joked that predicts a reduction of the download sites, but believed that the big portals will not disappear. Within a year, conduct a new study to find out.


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