Winamp 1.0 for Android mobile phones [Description/Download/Screenshot/Tutorial]

Winamp 1.0 pour Android
The application on the day Android is Winamp! I remember leaving the audio player at the time on PC and I was a big fan. And then I just tested version 1.0 for Android, and I must say I am rather amazed.
screenshot 39 Winamp 1.0 pour Android
Winamp offers as all such applications, a possibility of navigation by artist, album, song and genre in which the MP3s are in your phone. You can of course make your own playlist and Winamp has a search engine to find your songs. Something fun with this search engine is that you can either type your keyword or pronounce it aloud. Winamp then activates the voice recognition and you sort the pieces that match.
screenshot 45 Winamp 1.0 pour Android
Widgets are also on hand to manage its plays promptly.
screenshot 48 Winamp 1.0 pour Android
Well, that's for the traditional side of the application. Another interesting thing is reading the shoutcast radio. Winamp offers everything its catalog of radio and you can browse / search within to find one that suits your musical tastes.
screenshot 44 Winamp 1.0 pour Android
Winamp but goes further and offers a selection of MP3s to listen to free streaming and download! What do you enjoy the ears.
screenshot 41 Winamp 1.0 pour Android
screenshot 37 Winamp 1.0 pour Android

At the interface level, I expected something ugly and slow and ultimately, good surprise, and it rocks pretty! A final nice touch is the wireless sync! In fact, if you already have Winamp on your computer, this application lets you synchronize your music library over the air. Top marmoset
icon smile Winamp 1.0 pour Android
Winamp for Android is available here.


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