What is FOREX? How to make money on the FOREX? How much can you earn on the FOREX?

How to make money on the FOREX?

Earn money on forex due to the difference in exchange rates. And we must be able to wait for one currency will rise in price, while the other falls.
A profit can be equally well not only on the purchase of the growing currency, but also in foreign currency exchange, the price of which will soon drop. And at first you do not need to buy currency, which you want to sell. Necessary amount of what you need to sell the currency immediately provide bank partner TeleTRADE. This is one of the important benefits of the market forex. If the transaction would be completed before the end of the day, the currency is provided to you free of charge for the transaction, and if you find it advantageous to extend the deal, it can be done by the most minimal rates (the so-called swap ). Incidentally, the forex is no crises: when one currency becoming cheaper, while others must go up.
Euro, dollar, pound, yen and other currencies on a daily basis all oscillate. And for an effective forex earnings on time is important to draw conclusions specifically about the short-term increase or decrease in foreign currency. As a general rule, traders predict the price movements over the next few hours or at most a couple of days. And use for making profitable trades it is these short-term forecasts. To anyone who ponders the question of how to earn on Forex do not necessarily know how much it would cost the currency after a month or year-end. By the way, to make a forecast for the month is much harder than the next day. While a reasonable approach to business long term forex trading strategies also help to make a good profit.

How much can you earn on the FOREX?

Of any objective reasons independent profit

If the trading system is quite conservative, that is aimed at achieving sustainable profitability, compliance with reasonable care and rigid system of limiting the risks, the average yield in the group of successful traders from the experience can vary from 2-5% and 80 - 100% per month. Scatter large, since month on month is not necessary. And months after the super profitableness can be 1-2 for the year will be slightly more months with a minimum income, and ordinary middle months with a return greater than 10% but less than 50% - a majority.
What is the main reason for this variation in the results? First of all, strong and at the same time it is well predictable, reliable currency movements may occur more or less. Sometimes advantageous situations occur several times a day, and at other times one or two deals have to wait a whole week. In addition, can differ significantly and the magnitude and rate of growth or decline in prices. For example, a transaction made at the best price and at the most opportune moment, in accordance with all rules of trade can bring in a market situation $ 500, and another $ 2000. Thus, even at a constant approach the trader to trade, the end result to some extent determined by market circumstances.

And if you trade more actively?

Is it possible to increase the size of their profits? And at what expense to achieve this? Though not all, but a lot here depends on the trader. Of course, the profits associated with the size of the deposit. If the score is small, we have to use the most cautious tactics of the trade and miss many potentially profitable trades. The larger expense allows for the most reliable deal good volume, and high reliability make the transaction with a minimum amount of currency. This approach allows us to raise the bar for higher profits. And, of course, the result depends on the restrictions on the amount of acceptable risk. Such restrictions sets himself a trader, depending on the size of the deposit and on their personal financial situation. If the trader is an investor's account, the limit for a trader, usually set by the investor.


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