Top 10 Free Android Applications to Get Started with New Device

On the Android Market, the equivalent of the App Store for iOS Apple Store Google offers more than 100 000 applications. Despite an effort on presentation, organization of classes and the presence of comments, it is particularly difficult for beginners to navigate the maze of options and even fewer identify real cheap. For your convenience, the writing you to discover 10 free applications to get started on Android!

Through this educational kit, you'll find everything you need to play your videos directly, satisfy your appetite for reading, connect with your contacts using VoIP, protect your data and secure your phone, quickly take control of Android, uninstall easily batch your software, manage the nocturnal behavior of your phone, fine-grained applications in the background, saving energy, quickly download new software, but also turn your smartphone into a flashlight. Test them, adopt them, you will surely find your happiness!

We selected only free applications that we have found most useful, ergonomic, efficient and practical while remaining accessible to the general public. Ultimately, our goal is primarily to make life easier for beginners to the general public, replacing some functions too difficult to access and minimizing the "hacks". To download the software offered in this article, you will find the QR Code as well as direct links to the Android Market through the pages for each software in the repository Clubic. Pending the next record to come on Android, writing invites you to share your discoveries in the comments, taking care to remain as objective and constructive as possible.

1.Excellent player with plenty of free books and French!

Aldiko eBook Reader for Android!

Aldiko eBook Reader Android Logo Mikeklo
If you have the habit of reading a good book for you to escape in transit, on a break at work, at home or on vacation, your phone Android naturally prevail as the companion of your literary excursions. Just as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Androphones compete with traditional reading lights such as the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Ebook Reader. In the Android Market, there are indeed many applications that take advantage of a vast catalog of electronic books. Today, Clubic you discover a solution that is efficient and free unanimity in writing and you will surely enjoy for its many qualities!

Well thought out and ergonomically Aldiko eBook Reader gives you access to thousands of free electronic books and French on your Android phone. With a vast library of classic ebooks in the public domain, self-published books and original, you will surely find something in English, French, Spanish and German. The assembly is divided into several categories and themes: action, science fiction, adventure, autobiography, erotic, fairy tales, history, horror, humor, youth, police, religious, romance, news, war, westerns, drama, philosophy , poetry, psychology, science and travel. Among the books paid for, we find titles for professionals and novels in rose water.

Perfectly realized and translated into French, the interface provides a grip of the fastest. The menus take up the theme "Library" classic. On these shelves, you can browse your book collection, quick access to recent readings and of course rummage in the catalogs online to download new songs. In addition to coverage, it will display the title, author, date of publication, the user notes and a summary presentation. You can search directly for a book or indulge in the thematic sections, the most popular, the latest additions and rankings by Author by filtering the whole language.

On the drive, even if the interface is not as refined as that of iBooks, it is particularly pleasing and has serious advantages. A sliding or tapping right or left, enough to ensure smooth transition from one page to another with a gentle motion of horizontal scrolling. In addition, it automatically remember your progress and automatically open the last page viewed. To adjust the brightness, simply drag it from top to bottom left of your screen. Side menu, you can quickly access a chapter by clicking on "summary", add pages to your favorites, switch to "Night" to search the online dictionary or Google to direct you to the settings. It will be possible to adjust the fonts, layout: spacing, alignment, margins, the brightness, but also customize the navigation controls, choose a theme and more practical orientation still lock in a vertical or horizontal.

Finally, you can also play your own digital books with Alkido. Two conditions are needed immediately, however. To be supported, your books will be formatted ePUB and should not be protected by DRM. Once you are assured of two points, you can repatriate your books in the library's digital Aldiko. To do this, you start by removing your files. EPub in the folder "import" button in the folder "eBooks" at the root of your SD card "Androphone. Then you must start the application, keep the home interface, tap the menu button and then select "Import." After a few seconds of expectations, you will just have to visit your library to enjoy your favorite texts and your course converted to ePub with Writer2ePub . Eagerly awaiting the support formats other than digital books ePub, the assembly is to discover them, you will not regret it!
  • Aldiko Download eBook Reader for Android!
Aldiko eBook Reader Mikeklo Clubic

2.The tenor of the public to discover VoIP on Android!

Skype for Android!

Skype Logo android Mikeklo
The Android Market is full of communications solutions for voice over IP "VoIP". Whether you are on your computer or smartphone, the device is always handy to reach his contact at a lower cost through a simple WiFi connection. In the field, there are of course Google Voice, Tango and Fring. However, the first does not work in France, the second is neither reliable nor stable, and the latter is too complex for the general public. Instead, we propose an application on which you probably already have an account, you already know the principle of use, which you surely many contacts, where your contacts will not hesitate to join you, and especially an application that is already available on Windows , Mac , Linux , iPhone, iPod touch, iPad , Windows Mobile , Symbian and Java phones . We speak of course of Skype , long awaited and newly arrived on the Android platform!

Skype for Android, of course you can make free calls to Skype, use instant messaging service, but also to call landline numbers and mobile in France and abroad with the purchase SkypeOut Skype Credit or subscribe to a subscription. Supports multitasking, you will be able to receive a call that the application is open or veille.Techniquement all can work both in 3G wireless. However in practice this will depend both on your operator and operating conditions of your subscription. In terms of terminals, the publisher announces support for Smartphones HTC and Motorola, Samsung S Galaxy provided to be equipped with Android 2.2, while pointing out problems with the Acer Liquid. Side of the OS, it will have a minimum of Android 2.1. Nexus One of our test with Android 2.2.1, the result is simply perfect. Both say directly whether the application is well thought out and the service works perfectly, we bitterly regret the absence of videoconferencing iOS yet available but there is no option to send SMS.

To use childish Skype for Android has an accessible interface, translated into French and segmented into four tabs. The grip is the fastest, although there are a few small weaknesses in terms of ergonomics, especially for fast searching of contacts. When you first launch the application, you will be prompted to import the contacts on your phone or export your contact list and Skype numbers. You also can not perform synchronization.

Via the first tab "Skype", it is possible to add a number or Skype contact. You will find course your contact list and phone numbers on Skype . To retrieve your contacts, you should move your finger across the screen to display a button to scroll quickly. A quick search would have been better. In contrast via "group" of the "Menu" button, we appreciate the opportunity to quickly sort contacts by group: all those in lines, only Skype contacts or phone numbers stored, they contacted recently and contacts blocked. To access the call functions and messaging, you can simply select a contact. Note the presence of a fast menu, still pressing and hold a contact to call, chat, view profile, add to favorites, block it or delete it.

The tab "Call" will allow you to call a landline number or mobile phone in France or abroad with your credit or your SkypeOut subscription. You can directly dial a number, but also to retrieve a contact via the phone's directory. Little more compared to the iPhone / iTouch, clicking on the flag, you will have a menu to select the destination country. Extremely useful for making international calls without knowing by heart the country code. During a call, you can activate the speakerphone, mute the microphone or save the conversation paused.

Side of the tab "My Info", you can quickly change status, modify the avatar by conducting a photo or select an image on the phone, enter a mood message, edit your profile in detail Skype , but also view the subscription options and SkypeOut credits. By pressing the "Menu" button found on "Disconnect" and access to advanced settings. You can enable or disable the start up and connect automatically, set preferences for notifications and privacy or configure call forwarding. With regard to the fun part, you can select an audio track in the music library on your phone to adopt it as your default ringtone. To conclude the event tab, you will find the history of calls made, received, missed and the instant messaging conversations. Finally, Skype is needed directly and without surprise as a VoIP solution essential to Android. Pending support additional terminals and support of the videoconference, the assembly is to discover them!

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Skype Android Clubic Mikeklo

3.Android free antivirus, ergonomic and well thought out!

Dr.Web Antivirus for Android!

Android Logo Antivirus Mikeklo
Although smartphones are not the main target of criminal organizations and privileged, there are still some malware, intrusion cases, attacks and information theft via the internet, email and sms. On Android, although the system is no less well protected than others, yet the risk is greater. The reason: its popularity, the ability to install applications from third party sources, less strict control of the Android Market, but also the fact that devices are often unrestrained by users adventurers. To protect your data and your information on Android, among the wide range of application proposed in the sector, Clubic you to discover the solution of free safety and well thought offered by the Russian publisher Dr.Web!

Dr Web Antivirus is a true free antivirus for Android. To ensure optimum protection system, it has a detection module in real time. Although this is a good idea, the monitor SpIDer Guard mobilizes still 4.2 MB of memory. Fortunately, the publisher has thought of everything, because if you run out of battery or if you want to keep the longest running, you can disable it with one click. In addition to being translated into French, the interface is clear, ergonomic and menus are all shown to use child. Via the homepage, you can quickly activate the resident protection, manually updates virus signature, view statistics and access to the quarantine to remove or restore potential threats. In addition, there is access to the testing service on demand.

It is possible to perform a scan to choose "Fast" limited to the applications installed, a scan "Full" to check all files or scan "Custom" to target files and folders in the internal memory and on SD storage card. For a complete analysis on a recent phone, the application will need an average of twenty minutes. Conclude with configuration settings accessible via the menu button. We recommend that you give priority to check the option of automatic update of virus databases. Essential parameter of any antivirus will download once a day. In addition, you will be able to activate the AutoRun file analysis on the SD card and control of records. The side of "Spider Guard, you can claim the analysis of all the files on the SD card to each assembly to monitor potential threats transferred from your computer. In the end, this security application is particularly ergonomic, practical and above all easily configurable. Unless the publisher dares to back down, all is now completely free!
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Dr Web Antivirus Android Mikeklo Clubic

4.Watch any video without re-encoding!

Rockplayer Lite for Android!

Rockplayer android logo mikeklo
Android, the video support is by default rather limited outside 3GP or MP4/H264, it is impossible, as the iPhone, play Divx files or MKV without transcoding the box: the chip decompression integrated phones do not support this format. We can happily work around this limitation through a video player alternative, and in this area, there will hardly better than RockPlayer Lite . This software supports an impressive list of formats and containers video, audio and subtitles: Avi, Divx, MKV, FLV, Ogg, Xvid, Mpg, Flac, Rmvb, Mp4, Mov, Wmv, Asf, Wma, Wav, TS, MPa, Dvd, On, Mp3, Mid, Ivf, AIFF, Str, Ogm, Cda, Flic, D2V, Aac, Roq, Drc, Dsm, Swf, Pls, Pmp, SVQ, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo.

The set offers a quick start. After transferring your files to your phone, launch the application. It will display a list of files and folders at the root of your memory card removable storage. You simply navigate to the directory containing your files. It will show both their names, format and size. You have to do is click on one of them to start playing. He will be responsible for memorizing the playback position and you will come back automatically.

During playback, you will have more control buttons to better adapt the format of the video screen, pause, fast forward or fast rewind. There is also a classic line of progression to move the file with a single tap. By default, it will display the time and the percentage of battery remaining. One last blue button will show you some more information about the container format, resolution, and the weight of your file. To clear the whole, simply click on your video.

As for parameters, it will be possible to enable hardware acceleration, the automatic launch of subtitles associated with your video files, but also change the size and color of the text. In addition, you can hide information about the use of the battery, display only the media files in the explorer and show hidden files. A final option "Clear History" allows you to erase the history of reading.

Regarding the performance, overall RockPlayer gave us complete satisfaction. Tested on the Nexus One of Google, the reading is as fluid movement in the file. Offsets video / audio is extremely rare on the classic video resolution and are generally automatically corrected. However, we found a few problems care emphases in the subtitles in French. In addition, the application as the phone had problems with the videos in high definition "720p". Ultimately, the quality of results depend crucially on the power of embedded processor on your phone.

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Rockplayer android Clubic mikeklo

5.Uninstall your software easily batch Android!

AppRemover for Android!

Android Logo AppRemover Mikeklo
Uninstall software on Android is far from an insurmountable task. However the current system will prove confusing for most beginners to the public. Indeed, it should still tap the "Settings" button, enter the "Manage Applications", find and choose an application to finally select "Uninstall." To simplify your life, you Clubic proposes to adopt a solution much easier to use, convenient and of course free!

AppRemover will allow you to uninstall batch your Android applications, whether installed on your phone's internal memory or on your SD card. Now you no longer need to navigate through your settings Androphone to get rid of your programs. With a simple interface, its use is very childish. It will display the list of programs on your device by specifying the name, weight, date of installation and the logo. From the first launch of the utility, we recommend you enable the options to: "Show Check Boxes" to uninstall the software from lots and "Show Filter panel" to show the search bar. Note in passing the presence of three buttons "Sort by" to sort programs alphabetically, by weight of the heaviest to the lightest, and finally installation date, from newest to oldest.

After running the utility and enabled the options indicated by the drafting schedules, simply scroll down the list of applications while checking the ones you want to uninstall. You can also use the search bar for more speed. Once this is complete, you simply tap the "Uninstall". Note in passing that it is possible to select all programs by checking the box next to the button. It will do more than confirm "OK" for each software or "Cancel". To adopt and advise without hesitation, until a French translation!
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Android AppRemover Mikeklo Clubic

6.Forcing the closure of any open application!

Task Killer Android for Free!

Taskiller free android logo mikeklo
Unlike iOS limits multitasking to services (audio, GPS, instant messaging ...), Android provides a complete management of multitasking: any application can be run in the background. This advantage allows the system to offer certain types of applications that can not develop on the iPhone / iPod Touch but also a disadvantage: it may be necessary to manage oneself services running. Of course, it is not always the case: in principle, Android is capable of handling himself the resource consumption of applications: if you use Google Maps and return to the home screen, the GPS connection is automatically cut , for example. Nevertheless, it may happen that one may need to close an application yourself, and among the existing software, TasKiller Free has the advantage of being relatively easy to access, even if there are other programs more comprehensive, as Advanced Task Manager.

Once the utility starts, it will display in full screen icons and the names of open source software and the amount of RAM remaining. You simply click on one of them to "kill" the application instantly.

For your convenience, is also available in TasKiller Widgets deposited directly on the desktop. It comes in three different formats. Taskbars "Task Bar" and "mini Task Bar will display the logos of the applications running. The third widget named "TasKiller" takes the form of a button. It will display the number of applications open simultaneously and will turn dark red when you have exceeded the limit of 6. More radical, they will take care to close all processes and services with a single tap. However, you can always protect sensitive applications. To do this, hold your finger on an icon and select "ignore".

As for preferences, you will be able to manage and reset the exclusion list and more interesting to activate the automatic closing of all applications when the phone goes to sleep. On the same principle, you can order a suspension of all software at boot time. This feature will prove very effective to circumvent the launch of unnecessary programs at each restart, provided they carefully protected services essential for the proper functioning of the device. Ultimately, a task manager available and effective!

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Taskiller free android Mikeklo Clubic

7.Easily take control of your Android phone!

Quick Settings Android for Android!

Settings Mikeklo logo
Android, almost everything can be set. However, faced with mazes of headings and subheadings of "Settings" menu, beginners to the general public will be very difficult to quickly configure the phone functions, access important information of the telephone in real time, or their need to adapt the system parameters. Instead of proposing to install a multitude of "widgets" pervasive, Clubic you discover a good practical solution, free and open to proven!

With Android Quick Settings , you can easily take control of your smartphone Android. The highlight of this true dashboard is to provide quick access to the essential parameters of Android through a single interface, clear and translated into French. Without having to multiply the widgets, you can enable and disable the touch features 3G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, ringer and brightness. One can also tune the brightness, simultaneously or separately activate the alarm and the buzzer, but also monitor in detail the volume of notifications, media, alarms, voice and sound system. Another feat of ergonomic, simply press the title of each item to go directly to the corresponding traditional menu and alter the advanced settings.

Do not stop in so good way, there are 6 additional functions via the menu "Customize". You can add them to those displayed by default, rearrange the positions and hide the ones you want. In the end, you will be able to resolve on the same principle the volume "master" activate WiFi hotspot to share your connection, switch to airplane mode, turn off synchronization services and auto-rotation, or set the sprinkler The locking scheme and mobile data.

In addition, he will take charge of view discreetly utilization of the battery, the remaining space on the SD card and available memory. There is also a button "Torch" to the choice of LED lights flash from the camera or to show a white background with screen brightness at maximum thrust. Finally, on the side of application options, you can activate the dialog, change the properties of the "Torch" and even more convenient, add a shortcut icon in the menu drop-down notifications of Android. Translated into French and many thought this must be always there to serve you!
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Quick Settings Android Mikeklo

8.Scan the QR code to access the content directly!

Barcode Scanner for Android

QR Code Barcode Scanner Android Clubic Mikeklo
In the street, in magazines, or on certain websites, 2D bar codes, or QR codes are becoming more common: they can be used to share a contact in a virtual business card, the date and time of an event, an email address, GPS coordinates, a phone number, text, and of course an internet address. Android, in particular, the practice is very common for applications to access the Android Market: we use it in all forms Android our repository . The barcode scanner is therefore essential to Android, an application to have at your fingertips, and the aptly named Barcode Scanner will totally do!

The application provides a use of the child. After launching Barcode Scanner, you can just aim for the QR Code with the objective of your phone and place the center of your screen in the rectangle transparent. The camera will automatically update the image and the red line will start to twinkle. Less than a second later, the software will tell you the web address stored and will offer to open it in your browser, share by email or send via SMS. To access the Android Market, you will then have to click on the button "Open Browser".

In addition, it offers you the ability to scan bar codes found on traditional commercial items. Although the analysis of the image is a bit slower, the method will prove useful to compare the prices of CDs, books or video games with "Google Shopping" but also to access the product presentations and user reviews on the Internet. In short, an essential worthy of inclusion on the middle screen!

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Android Barcode Scanner Clubic Mikeklo

9.Use the LED flash your phone as a flashlight!

LED Light for Android!

Led Light logo Android Mikeklo
It is increasingly common to have, on smartphones, an LED flash. If this one is obviously not made for this in the database, it can detract from the principal use to use ... as a flashlight, for once much more effective than applications that use the flashlight screen smartphone. The Android Market is full of applications already LED flash, but some of them require Froyo, making them impossible to use with smartphones that already had a flash (Defy Motorola, for example).

LED Light is the absolute simplicity and minimalism. Unlike the competition, the application does not bother with features like strobe schedules, morse code, flashing lights, police and other warning signs. Once launched, the interface consists of a single button animated. With a simple tap of a finger, it can turn on and off at will the LED flash the phone.

To be always at hand, the application comes naturally Widget office. In the same spirit of simplicity, we discover a large button to also activate and deactivate a flick. As for parameters, it will be possible to disable vibration, reducing the size of the button widget and hide the subtitle "LED Light". Finally, by checking the "Shake Switch", you can turn on and off the LED flash your Android phone, stirring. A function to use as needed and will fully proven situation in a tent on a hike or just a night to replace the lamp. A requirement to use sparingly (the LED flash can be a consumer of battery), LED Light provides a simple and efficient to have a flashlight continuously on itself.

  • Download LED Light for Android!
Led Light Android Mikeklo

10.Turn your smartphone into night while you sleep!

Sweet Dreams for Android!

SweetDreams Mikeklo Logo
Our smartphones accompany us everywhere and in places where we do not wish to be disturbed (we can certainly turn on vibrate mode), where at times when you do not wish to consume unnecessary battery power or data plan. Users of Nokia phones will recall that the profiles could be created to switch from one to another easily. Sweet Dreams picks up this idea, but by automating.

The application will allow you to go to sleep without worrying about settings on your Android phone ringtones and any other notifications and night. You can then define a set of filters to create a personalized sleep mode for your phone. To do this, you will be able to simultaneously turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, tones and activate the vibrate mode, the rapid extinction of the screen, but also to tune the volume of incoming calls and notifications.

Once the profile is created, simply specify the ranges of filtering for automatic startup from sleep mode depending on the day and bedtime and sunrise. Regarding the application of alarm clock, the application does not block its operation, and whatever the options selected. Do not stop in so good way to adapt to unforeseen situations in your daily sleep mode can be instantly turned off by several parameters. Via the tab "Location" it will be possible to define a geographical area where the sleep mode can be activated, for example at home. Your location will be determined by triangulation using signals from wireless networks detected by your WiFi antenna. Outside the activation zone, your phone will not enter sleep mode.

Similarly, via the tabs "movement" and "Sound", you can configure the application so that your phone is not in sleep mode or so instantaneously, if the ambient noise and motion detected exceeds the threshold of sensitivity selected. To benefit from these detection functions without sacrificing your autonomy, you will be prompted to define the parameters of the next checking interval, every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Good idea, very well implemented!

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Sweet dreams mikeklo Clubic


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