Top 10 Facebook application [Apps]

 With 500 million users, Facebook has become the craze of all internet users. It has lot of applications, which makes Facebook more addictive and helps in earning too. On an average a Facebook user is active at least 3 applications. Based on monthly active user data, I would like to rate the Top 10 Facebook apps.

1. Farm Ville:

Step out in your field, choose your crop, sow your seeds, cultivate them, sell and earn your profit. Choose right crops at right time, and some surprising features are also available. All your friends also are in the game as your neighbors visit their land and enjoy farming.

2. City Ville:

Create your own city, appoint your friends to manage the city, build your living spot and do things a s you do in your real life. It’s as freakishly addictive game. It’s undoubtedly the best facebook app.



3. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled is a puzzle game by PopCap Games, first developed for browsers in 2001. Three follow-ups to this game have been released by Popcap Games. Blitz is a one minute timed version which can be played by linking to Facebook, or in an offline mode. More than 25 million copies of Bejeweled has been sold and has been downloaded more than 150 million times.


4. Texas HoldEm Poker :

As a poker fan, I use this application all the time. I especially like that this application because it allows you to see if any of your friends or people in your network are currently playing. If you see someone is currently playing, you can join their table and even chat with them inside the game. One of the newest features actually allows you to create private tables with only people you know. One of the only drawbacks to this game is you’re only given a certain amount of chips every day, so you can’t keep losing and reloading your chips all day.

5. Mafia Wars Game:

Now here comes the Big Boys Play Toy. Mafia is a  popular crime game where you can build alliances, amass property, and fight mobs of enemies in lust of power and deception. You can get connected with lots of other Mafia users. It makes you busy online.


6. Where I’ve been

This application is interesting in the fact that you can share with others where you have visited, lived, and where you want to visit. You can compare maps with your friends and see where they have lived and visited. Where I’ve Been is not just limited to countries, it also has all the US States, Canadian Provinces, and other international regions.


Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15-by-15 grid. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in a standard dictionary. Official reference works (e.g. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) provide a list of permissible words. The Collins Scrabble checker can also be used to check if a word is allowed.


 8. Café World:

Its really an interesting game. Here you are the master chef. Make your own food empire and enjoy inviting friends. You have a whole lot of dishes to choose, gain points, move on to levels and compete with your friends. Be the best chef and enjoy cooking.


9- Flog Blog

If you are a blogger and want to link your facebook profile and blog, this is the application for you. Flog Blog allows your friends to read your blog posts directly from your Facebook profile. Now I know you are probably worried about it taking traffic away from your actual blog, but don’t worry there are permalinks to your site. The great thing about this application is whenever you make a new post it will show up in your news feed. Flog Blog automatically updates via your RSS feed so that it includes your most recent posts. You can completely customize this application to display your posts exactly how you want.

10-Status shuffle

You can choose any status from the list, and even share your own suggestions to see how popular they get! This is really an entertaining application of Facebook.


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