Love heals every scar

Being in love is an amazing feeling. It is everyone’s secret fantasy to have that special somebody in life. Even Bollywood survives on love. Almost all movies centre around this theme. 
People fall in love for a number of reasons and many relations break down because they are all the wrong reasons for being in love. Some people get into relationships because they feel empty or worthless when they are single. Some people get hooked because their friends are in relationships and they feel left out in the game of love. Some might be repeatedly questioned by family as to when they are settling down. So there is pressure, either direct or indirect, on both men and women to fall in love. 
Nowadays its very easy to fall in and out of love. Often people mistake lust for love. When the lusting is over and done with, people realise that they were never in love. It is not uncommon to hear couples say that they share a great chemistry and that’s the reason why they got together. But relations started on the basis of chemistry and not commitment rarely stand the test of time. A lot of people believe that it’s natural to fall out of love. Although it is common, it is not natural. 
However, there are relations that start off on the right note, with the right intentions that run into rough weather. People often make the mistake of promising the stars to their better half and later back off from fulfillling that promise or completely deny making such promises. This is one of the reasons why people fall out of love as their expectations have not been met. It also leads to hurt, anger and resentment as your loved one may feel cheated. Another common complaint among couples is that their partners have changed over the course of the relation. The truth can be that they haven’t changed. Its just that people tend to take each other for granted. 
No matter what the reason, all issues can be resolved if a couple is willing to commit to each other and building and strengthening their relation. Men and women, should not think their partners are mind readers. You have to talk to each other. Relations flourish only where this trust, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. It is important to be truthful to yourself to be truthful to your partner.


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