How to get pregnant / Pregnancy by nature [9-Tips]

How to help nature, that it helped you? To do this, there are some simple tips that will increase the ability to conceive at a certain time.
Tip 1: Save up to strength and not only ... The first sexual intercourse - the most important. After him, the number of sperm in the seminal fluid is reduced by half. Best before the decisive act of intercourse to abstain from sex for about a week.

Tip 2: what are sex cells. Male sex cell has played a leading role in the fertilization process. That's why she needed help to gain energy in order to enable it to achieve the required goal. Simply put, we must reinforce male power. Man must be prepared within two weeks before having sex. In preparation includes proper diet - meat, fish, nuts, these foods increase sperm motility, as it increases the nature walks in the fresh air. All of this creates a certain mindset that is very important. Categorically to refuse alcohol and heavy physical exertion - it spoils the quality of sperm, which naturally affect the result.

Tip 3: The most favorable days for conception is the middle of the menstrual cycle, these days occur within seven days after the end of menstruation and ends 7-8 days before it started.

Tip 4: Immediately after ejaculation the need to remove the penis from the vagina - thanks to all the sperm will remain inside.

Tip 5: If the purpose of sexual intercourse - the conception of the child, the woman does not need to bring to orgasm. During orgasm, the cervix is ​​lifted, which complicates the sperm path.

Tip 6: Before having sex woman desirable prosprintsevatsya solution with soda. It neutralizes the very acidic environment, which may be in the vagina, due to hidden inflammation.

Tip 7: After ejaculation, all of the processes occurring in a woman's body in order to help them be sure to soak 20-30 minutes, and not run into the shower or anywhere else. It is desirable to lie down, keeping your knees to your chest, as if a woman bending of the uterus - the stomach, these provisions help the cervix maximum contact with the sperm located there.

Tip 8: To successfully hit all the sperm on the cervix only fit the classic pose - lying on their backs, and women with a uterus bend posture "back".

Tip 9: The next two or three days, do not worry, and then the tubes will start to fall properly and sperm will not get to your destination. If you relax not work out - take valerian.

At all stages, it is also desirable to control myself as a potential mother and potential father to take a positive attitude and do not be nervous. Fresh air and sleep will help you with this.


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