How to get free from mind depression?

That was the question asked by people not only ill from depression, but radeyuschie for speedy recovery of their loved ones. Along the way, very often, asks this question - how to recognize depression? And how to get out of depression?
So, to get rid of depression, you need an accurate diagnosis of the state and assign adequate treatment. It should be noted that there are many varieties of depression. But there is more depression, have evolved as a result of a disease. There are also masked depression, depression behind the manifestations of any medical condition. Their diagnosis presents certain difficulties, and usually require additional tests.
Currently, there are classification and clinical descriptions of various forms of depression. They usually provide a long list of symptoms (manifestations) of the disease. But for the diagnosis of depression requires three manifestations, the so-called depressive triad:
1) The steady decline in sentiment
2) the steady decline in health
3) the steady decline in cognitive functions or ideatornoy retardation
By the above triad can join other related complaints:
- The existence of not just a depressed mood, and the anguish, sorrow, heartache;
- Loss of interest in those things and hobbies that previously brought pleasure;
- On changes in body weight as the downward and upward;
- On various disorders of appetite and taste of food;
- On sleep disorders;
- The feelings of worthlessness and guilt;
- On suicidal thoughts.
And the more attached additional complaints, the heavier state. The more you need to make efforts to overcome the ailment.

How to get out of depression

If you suspect the presence of you or your loved one depression, as soon as possible, seek professional help. Does not always exist an opportunity to overcome this illness. And part your loved one may not bring the desired relief. Without needed care, depression can last for years.
The earlier treatment begins, the better the outcome and prognosis. And in the treatment of depression need to combine medication with psychotherapy. There are situations where it is impossible without drugs, and also there are situations when no therapy is impossible. A qualified expert psychiatrist, psychotherapist, in his work always uses a combination of medication and psychotherapy. In response to a question at the very beginning - how to get rid of depression? how to get out of depression? - the answer: ask for help from qualified doctors to psychiatrists, psychotherapists.


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