How to Flirt a Girl in the Street | How to approach a girl in the street

How to approach a girl in the street? It is a very pertinent question. At a time when the dredge is happening primarily in hot spots, cultural institutions, in the era of new technologies that have contributed much to revolutionize the dredge, we tend to forget that the street is a veritable mine gold.
Many think it is foolish for many reasons: it is where they distrust the most, they are taken in their thoughts, they listen to their i-pod while walking ... all this, I reply: what are only prejudices! The street has always been and forever will be the perfect place to meet women. At least, to start a relationship.
Why? Firstly because there are always girls in the street, even at 1 am. First you threw and now a second one tip. Secondly, because competition is low: less and less men flirt in the streets, preferring to turn to social networks or other dating sites. Yet, nothing beats the good old drag techniques. Finally, contrary to the belief of many men, you will not encounter much resistance. Today the main drag going into box, bars, pubs or via internet. Therefore, be dredged in the street is an unexpected situation for most girls, especially the new generation. They even find it original and can be funny. There will be a lot less suspicion.
When we talk of dredging in the street, this does not mean that the whole game of seduction will be outside. It is a sort of "introduction" that will get you a phone number and later set up an appointment. If you know you take, you'll even get your first appointment at this time. The drag on the street is not either to whistle when the girl passes by you (the temptation is great when you're with a bunch of friends) to make him a quick glance or a compliment before continue your journey. These behaviors are the vulgarity. We, seducers, we must distinguish ourselves by our class! Remember-in.
If I summarize, dredge in the street address is the girl, take her number, talk to her spontaneously sliding occasionally suggestive remarks or even sexual innuendo if you feel she is receptive. With any luck, you will get an appointment to spend intimate moments.
When you approach a girl in the street, there are some principles to follow: Be spontaneous, sincere and natural. Do not spend money with an invitation immediately to have a drink for example. Do not stop to get acquainted, it will come later.
Now that the foundations are laid, let's get serious.
The conventional method
There are many girls, but all do not deserve your attention. Before dredging, make a very quick scan of the girl between you and her, there must be compatibility. Otherwise, you go to meet big problems.
Of course, this step is difficult: how can we know a person so that he was not even spoken. Remember this: locate your target from afar to have sufficient time to identify (in a superficial way of course) and listen to your instincts. First, analyze his approach, his clothes, his haircut, all that you will speak volumes about her. Of course, you do not have the opportunity to study it in depth, but you know enough to decide on further action. Then, when she is near you, if you glances argued for a few seconds, you can attack, the way is clear. In the street, no need to process, go ahead blindly: here is more daring than ever. As I said before, everything is in the spontaneity: it implies that you have confidence in you.
Once you are sure the girl you want, you can consider the deal. Very important, tell him "hello." This will give a good picture of you and contribute at the same time to get comfortable. She will know right away that she is not dealing with a cad.
Immediately after the "hello" or "hello", even if you have not answered yet, continue with a question or so introduce yourself. But in general it is better to make him compliments on her dress (at least to make them smile and relax the atmosphere). Girls love that we talk about their clothes.
At this point, start timing. This approach phase should last longer than two minutes. If after this time you manage to keep her attention, she does not look left or right, or it no longer has continued to give excuses to leave, that she finds you interesting . The icing on the cake is when you smiled frankly. During the approach, made the humorous without lapsing into vulgarity and avoiding criticizing his style of clothing (yes, always that one) ... Pass the approach requires considerable courage. The rest will happen much more easily. If you hesitate, remember these two proverbs "which does not kill makes us stronger" and "we need to jump into the water to learn to swim." Gentlemen, I assure you that you have nothing to lose by doing so!
Once you've broken the ice, serious things can start, but the more time you counted. We now offer him to go have a drink to get to know ... Be careful, you are suggesting, you do not invite, nuance! Do not give the impression to force his hand. If she says she is in a hurry and would prefer another day, jump at the chance to ask her phone number to schedule an appointment later. After two consecutive refusals, drop, because that means she finds you attractive, but she is not attracted to you.
In case she accepts a drink, you should seriously again at any cost and forget momentarily the guise of humor. This is actually your first appointment, you will need to be very careful to ensure max.
If your seduction game is perfect, you will manage to retain it until the closure of the facility. And yet, wait until the owner of the cafe many times you repeat it will close before you decide to leave. This gives the impression that you have not finished getting to know and thus constitute an opportunity to take his number. In seduction, everything is calculated!
However, if your little one-on-one impromptu is short and rather boring, then you have failed to install a climate of confidence and most importantly, you have not impressed. This will not stop you to ask her number, who knows, it will give you maybe ...
I would like to take this story of telephone clarify one point: it is easy to request a phone number, but difficult to obtain. To apply, be nice, ask him politely. For example, "I enjoyed the little time we spent together and I start again. Are we may exchange our coordinated? To this, the girl can answer yes or no. Generally, if it went well between you, if she enjoyed herself, she will not hesitate. By cons, if she was bored, she would refuse.
Now it'll just take action. Train yourself to repeat these steps as often as possible. You end up having the habit and your behavior will be most natural. Every opportunity will then be on your side to succeed. And who knows, you may encounter a rare bird! And keep me informed especially!
Tips for women
They all say that humor is always Recipe: also, to make them want to meet, be funny. Rest assured, you will not go for a clown.
According to the girls when they are reassured, they easily give their phone number and their email address. However, they enjoy the suspense. This means that you will call only 2 or 3 days after that meeting. Remember, a good seducer is far from being needy. If you pass it a phone call just arrived home, she will think right away that you're a pot of glue. Finally, when a girl insults you when you approach, it is not worth insisting.
Other options: Be creative
With time and failures that will improve the techniques. This requires a lot training. Sometimes the imagination sacred surprises in store for you. Here are some examples:
  • Pretext for a survey addressing the girl. She quickly understood the joke because your questions do not hold and that will make him smile. Meanwhile, you offer a drink with you.
  • If she takes public transportation, write your number on your ticket and give it the latter, smiling. Remember the little intro before the number, like "If you feel like it ...." Here the role is reversed. Normally, your courage should be marked and will call.
  • You can also play it the old way. Give him a compliment on her dress and place one knee before him a kiss on the hand. Stand up and ask him his address so you can see her again. This technique is used with caution.
  • Sometimes all it takes to fix the girl's eyes that she understands. If she responds, then you can address.
  • A little gallantry is also a gateway to seduction. If it rains, offer to take shelter under your umbrella.
Dredge discrete
You can also adopt the discrete method when you dredge the street. Some women love this process. First, note that in this context, the situation of meeting face to face should be avoided because not only it removes the element of surprise, but again, you do not have much time to act. In this case, if you meet a girl you like, just double it and then wait quietly for a little farther without her noticing, of course. The best time to attack it when it stops to turn to such a showcase.
When you are about to approach, the ideal is to do on the side to put it into trust. There are several ways to initiate conversation, but the most effective is to put in context. If for example she is admiring clothes in a shop window, simply tell him: "Which of these two .... would you choose for my best friend? "When you seek the advice of a woman, she will be immediately charmed, because women appreciate that we take their views into account.
Whatever happens, stay natural, cool and relaxed, with a slightly detached air as if you were talking to an old acquaintance. Finally, never forget that the first impression that counts. For those who are shy, go for it without thinking and start the conversation!
Behaviors ban
  • Watch the girls on the subway exit and then pounce on them without any technical tact.Votre more like an assault or while you may be mistaken for a mentally disturbed.
  • Do not go for it headlong: choose your target. Seduction is not a sport or a competition. You can seduce efficiently than when a girl has bewitched you.
  • Be calm. If you are attracted by a girl you meet in the opposite direction, this is not the time to retrace your steps while running, you risk upsetting passers-by and bumping against a lamp post for example. Imagine the scene.
  • You're a seducer, not a young man anxious not to miss his bus. So please, do not follow the girl as if you were a detective in the middle of spinning. This will produce the opposite effect and it will leak more. Moreover, it is not very attractive to speak by being out of breath. If you sow it, leave! In short, be calm, serene and dignified.
  • Finally, it is important not to approach a girl who is accompanied.
Clumsy lyrics
Although it is increasingly rare to find men who flirt on the street, keep permanently in your mind, you're not alone. Do you also replace the one that seduce you: it's not funny to hear all the time "What time is it? "Or" did you fire? "Be creative in your comments. Avoid "you're beautiful" or "You look hot" (between us is very vulgar). Do not repeat the typical phrases such as "miss, you're too charming." Receive compliments it greatly affects women, but only if they are not stereotyped! And very importantly, if you do not want to be a victim of their indifference (and God knows how many girls love to ignore) or if you want to avoid going through the box "broken" after a stinging "thank you" in your best interest to customize your compliments!
And please, anything but onomatopoeia, because it gives the impression that you do not talk and more importantly, it is very vulgar and disrespectful: it's not you call your dog, but actually well a girl you want to seduce. Moreover, emits no whistle, do not mouth noises and do not imitate the cries: you are not a savage.
So take your courage in both hands and go for it!


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