How to Find local information, Search users in Twitter?

A simple and practical way to enhance your searches on Twitter and get really valuable information that can help considerably both in everyday things, seek employment or buy and sell products and services. This post will help you discover the pearls are hidden in the endless storm of information that is Twitter.
Something few people know is that each tweet you send is located geographically, even though you have turned on giving the exact coordinates of where you are sending a message. How does Twitter to find out where tweets come from?. Really easy, the Location field in your profile. Many people place where the city and country where they live, which is enough to generate useful local information. Although of course there are people who lie about their location, or if sales keep telling travel Twitter your tweets come from the place that you declare in that field (of not having enabled geolocation of tweets).
What is important is to know that people are constantly posting on Twitter local information that can help. Discovering good films in theaters in your town, find deals on used goods, know the best places to eat and visit in a given site, and so on. Local search on Twitter are just as powerful as you have the ability to search and creativity to find in the mine of information. In my case came to write this post, to create the examples I heard about a documentary "The golden age of 70 and 80 Venezuelan film" that I had no idea existed. That will happen, it's time to dig out the gold hidden in the basement of phrases from Twitter. A golden era of local information in real time is exploding.
1 .The advanced search Twitter is full of options you can use, let's focus on the box Words and Places. In the first picture we have different options for placing the words you want to search, including options to find a hashtag and language. Let's start looking for things related to movies. Look at the image below and put the word "cinema" in the first half. And where the number 2, put the city where you live, or your country.
2 .You get two results, the first is how it tells the browser what you want to search and second, the results of this search. Note that in the search field, the result is something like cinema near: Caracas within: 15mi (see picture below). I always delete the part that says within: xxmi to not narrow the search to miles rather do it in town or country, depending on how they are looking for. The importance of this part is to learn this "x word" near: city is a phrase you can use Twitter in the search box that will appear in your timeline.
3 .With the search phrase you just need to learn not always get the advanced options. Now you can search directly from your Twitter account. For example I know that I can find tweets by word and places, go to my Twitter account and in the search field (shown below) I will look on film in Madrid, because it probably will soon travel to the city. The search phrase I have to use is: cinema near: madrid . Having A You have noticed that using the near field: place tweets limit searches in the results only to that specific site.
4 .And what can this serve me?. The uses of this simple search tips are virtually unlimited. Is in you discover that you can be helpful depending on your hobbies, lifestyle and personality. If you're going to Caracas and like you can try food restaurant near: caracas . To get good deals on second hand goods, for example if you live in Chile a good option is to try Buy near: Chile and so at last find the MacBook with which both have dreamed. Another example that comes to mind is knowing that people are recommending a specific city, for instance in Buenos Aires near recommend "good air" , we can expand and refine the search at the same time I recommend the book near: Argentina and the results are getting interesting.
5 .Finally some extra tricks. You can add the Twitter Search to your browser with a simple click . There are several logical operators can be used to further refine your searches , I particularly like to use the minus "-" to get users of the results, especially when you use the word "Buy" to find deals, sometimes there to use the-username to remove classified pages also place ads on Twitter. Finally remember that the recurrent search you do from your Twitter account can be recorded, if something is always looking for good that you record, you always appear in the right leg of your timeline.
All of these tips can be enhanced with your creativity. If you know of interesting search aluna can share with us in the comments. Can you think of any?.


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