How to Apply Makeup? and Basic Rules for Applying Makeup

It would seem that what could be easier ? Browned cheeks, caused mascara on the lashes and tint the lips - and forward, toward new adventures. And here and there - if only it were that simple, representatives multimillionnoy cosmetic industry would not have any worries. Instead, they are every day inventing new tools for the pursuit of perfect appearance and offer modern techniques of makeup. Despite the dynamic and continuous development in the tricky art of makeup there are a few truths, observing that one can achieve perfect results.

Basic rules for applying makeup:

1. Always moisturize the face before bed and before applying makeup . Moisturize skin - a guarantee of its beauty, flexibility and freshness. More so that any makeup much easier to be applied to damp skin.

2. apply makeup in a well-lit room in front of the mirror clean - otherwise you will not see their own flaws and will look ridiculous in the eyes of others.

3. Do not use someone else's makeup . In particular, this applies mascara and eyeliner. The fact that our eyes are extremely sensitive to any kind of germs, but because at the slightest contact with a foreign object at risk of infection and grab a lot of unnecessary problems.

4. Do not use mascara after three months of its opening. During these three months in the bottle accumulate all of the same pernicious microbes, Sears itself norovyaschie mascara and cause itching eyes, or other such unpleasantness. That is why it is very erroneous ink shake before use: microbes thus moved from the bottom of the bottle on the brush.

5. When applying mascara is very important to understand that the effect of volume and length is not achieved ample lubrication tips of lashes, and uniform staining of their roots . Therefore, to carefully spend the beginning of a brush at the base of the eyelashes on the left to right, and then Implement uniform rotational motion along all of the eyelashes. Do not forget to free painted lashes of unnecessary lumps - this can be done either by using special combs for eyelashes, mascara brush, or soaked in a napkin and carry out "grind" of eyelashes, dry brush.

6. Rationally use a pencil and eyeliner. too heavily made-up eyes (fatty streak, full stroke eye) look unnatural. Besides, exactly draw the eye - also special art, produced by long hours of practice. If you see that you do not go perfectly smooth line, is generally not to use eyeliner.

7. Choose the right foundation. The choice of foundation - a special skill. Carefully examine your skin, identify its type and color, and then follow the instructions on the beauty of tonal means. For oily skin it is best to choose a liquid powder, matting and leveling the surface. For problem skin with pimples and roughness, use compact powder that covers the skin with a dense layer. Dry skin will be glad greasy and moisturizing foundation. When choosing a shade, try a few options in the daylight to find the only right.

8. Tint powder and foundation makeup should be up to repeat the natural skin color. If you were born with white "porcelain" skin, you will not, alas, become the chocolate, even with the most expensive cosmetics. The folds on the neck and other sensitive areas of the upper body will give out a masquerade at the earliest opportunity.

9. Before you apply tonal tool on the skin under your foundation make-up, soak the face day cream, hold the cream on your face for five minutes and blot with paper towel remnants of the cream.

For each type of tone has its own methods of application. Habitual foundation can be applied with fingers, but it is best to use a cosmetic sponge . Light tapping movements without smearing the cream on your skin, cover their entire face, including eyelids and lips. Feather a small portion of funds from the center of the face. Pay particular attention to such areas as a line of hair growth, the zone near the ears, nostrils and the edge of the chin. Here, the cream should be carefully shaded.
For application of tonal powder and pressed powder special stretch fit sponge, generally made ​​of rubber. In this case, means you can not spread, and to carefully and gently rubbed into the skin. After using a sponge is washed and dried.

10. Always moisturize lips. Especially in the winter on the street or in a dry place and especially if you use lipstick and lip pencil. Even if your lips are rarely cracked and dry, use a fat balm or gloss necessarily to prevent their health.

11. It is a mistake to believe that the color of shadows largely determines the shade of the chosen attire. Do not combine pink, or orange dress with those shadows - it looks vulgar and tasteless. The same hues are only suitable to neutral attire: white, black, brown and gray.

12. Blush should not be much darker than your natural skin color. Maximum, which can go when choosing the right shade - the difference in the two tones. Otherwise, the makeup will look ridiculous and will make you a dancer in the circus. The main rule of applying rouge - uniform circular motion toward the cheek at a distance of at least double the width of the fingers on the wings of the nose.

13. It is important to shade and shadow and blush - they should not strike the eye and, moreover, lie uneven layer. For shading , use the appropriate brushes - to blush with a wide radius, for the shadows - a more rigid and square.

14. Do not be lazy, and in any case, do not forget to wash off completely from the face of makeup before bedtime. Ignoring this important rule greatly speed up the process of aging skin and carries a very unappealing consequences. Makeup, lingering on the skin, it dries and stretches in a particularly sensitive places - under the eyes, the eyelids and the corners of the lips.


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