How does one become a French citizen?

The Citizenship Legally, a French citizen shall enjoy civil and political rights and fulfill obligations to society. French is linked to ownership of the nationality French. 

This Citizenship can be acquired in four ways:
  • by the "birthright" is considered any French child with at least one parent is French or become French;
  • by the "jus soli" automatically becomes French, the child who was born in France. For children born in France of foreign parents, nationality becomes full at 18;
  • by the procedure known as " naturalization " : A major foreign ordinarily resident on French soil for at least five years may apply to be naturalized. This period of residence may be reduced to two years if the applicant has successfully completed two years of study at an institution of higher learning French or has made or may make "an important service to France." In any case, since the law "Sarkozy on 26 November 2003 on the control of immigration, the stay of foreigners in France and nationality, he must prove his" assimilation into the French community "in a interview. It evaluates "its condition as" his good knowledge of French language and the rights and duties conferred by the French nationality. The candidate must also demonstrate good moral character;
  • by marriage since the Act of July 24, 2006 on immigration and integration, a foreign unit at a French partner for four years may apply to acquire French nationality by declaration. The deadline is extended to five years if the applicant does not justify having resided continuously for at least three years in France after marriage or in case of residence abroad, when her husband was not enrolled in French register of French nationals living outside France. The applicant must also have a level of knowledge of French adequate, "according to his status."
From a legal perspective, nationality is a necessary but not sufficient condition for acquiring citizenship. It should also enjoy his civil and politiques.Ainsi a child, having obtained French citizenship, becomes a French citizen until age 18, age of acquiring the right to vote.
In light of this enumeration, citizenship in France, compared to other countries, seems relatively open. Indeed, French nationality seems relatively easy to obtain, particularly with regard to the German example. For the longest time, only the blood right there, and it is only recently that the law has allowed obtaining German citizenship.

Who is a citizen of France? All the inhabitants of France are French citizens they?  Are there any special cases? 
How does one become a French citizen? What are the rights of foreigners? What is a European citizen?  Can you lose your citizenship? 


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