How do you know that you are a virgin | How do I know that I am a virgin

How do I know I am a virgin virgin, the way knowledge and methods of virgin and virgin, how do I know I am a virgin, the way knowledge and methods of virgin and virgin how to better and better or faster ways to find out how the girl's virginity for girls for the girl to girl to Sababa.

How do you know the girl herself she is a virgin??
This poses a question many of the girls who live in fear of enormous concern that the hymen may rupture.
We say: "Have you ever had sex? Is something Bmahblk income, whether man rod or anything else?
That the answer is affirmative, you are not virgin. And a specialist doctor can be sure of that. And except that you are a virgin Chty proof to the contrary.
Is it possible to determine the date in which it is torn virginity??
After that attach to the wound, it is impossible to refer to the age of examination or disruption to the date of occurrence. Can only Balummen following the rupture to know that a recent view of the lack of fully wound.
How closed hymen?
Torn hymen at first intercourse. And only with the introduction of anything into the vagina. Whether a man's penis or a finger or anything else.
Do you tear the membrane from the first time or be required several times?
There is no rule. Gelba what is torn apart from the first intercourse. But that was extreme pressure membrane may require several attempts.
What are closed membrane?
Anything enters the vagina. A man's penis, finger or finger. Or any tool for masturbation. Required abduction labia which may bend and cover the membrane.
Do you tear the membrane with water such as shower or Aldavq Rinser?
Probability is very weak. Stream must be very strong. And labia away.
Can cause masturbation / masturbation rupture Babakarp:??
Those who can exercise that masturbation is tearing her virginity that made ​​her finger or any other tool masturbating to the inside of the vagina.
But you can enjoy masturbation the clitoris and labia Bdlk from the outside without causing it any damage to the hymen. Recall that the hymen is located at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the vagina. Answer to this question also asks for tampering Bfaragha.
Do you tear the membrane sexually State?
Can be enjoyed on the same face annotated masturbation, but the bar man. And that the clitoris and labia Bdlk from abroad, and in the same way by using the finger during Alastnme, but it's not easy, Valotharp severe sexual partners may lose the ability to observe and cohesion, the desire is the desire of instinctive penetration may be difficult to resist.
Can cause itching vulvar rupture of membrane?
Of course not, far from Valashvar virginity.
Do you tear the membrane to fall on the vulva?
Until the membrane ruptures because of the fall must be the girl on something protruding legs and arm's length.
Virginity Balochwer protected. Fall on the vulva, or a shock may directly injure the vagina without tearing the membrane.
Other words, ruptured hymen need to enter something into the vagina. And the probability torn precipitated directly is very enthralled
You can wash virginity when you have sex without disarmament underwear?
It is almost impossible. Rupture of virginity Titalb abduction labia. And access to the vulva, which lies at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the vagina. In this case rupture of the membrane can not only tear apart the panty.
Possibility of rupture of the membrane during contact without stripping is almost impossible due to the fact that the membrane is at a distance from the labia that cover and protect it from after the clothes.
Do I have to fully enter the penis into the vagina to tear the membrane to be sufficient entry a little bit?
Stated that the hymen is located at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the labia
Virginity is a veil of natural orifices.
Achtergah that something larger than the aperture size of natural ripped it. If what we call the "little income" is more than 2 cm. Maybe .... I say maybe. This may be may rip the membrane, either enter a whole or that the income of the head. As long as the penis has penetrated the hole is smaller than strong Semsgah regardless of the length of the penis.
The same thing applies to the finger
Can cause rupture of the membrane insertion of fingers directly:?
Because the membrane contains the natural orifices, fingers that can enter through smoothly, without violence and without tearing virginity. It depends on the size of the hole natural, that was wider than the size of the finger may facilitate the passage without resistance, without any damage to the membrane.
But the introduction of numerous finger violently and repeatedly, and is leaning on the edge of the slot may cause a natural tear.
Can cause a rupture of virginity Sports
Everything is possible, but it a rare possibility.


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