Home Remedies to Control Gastric Troubles

Gas trouble
While dealing with intestinal gas, the word "fart" has been used by all of us at one point or other, to get some laughs or in extreme to show the sign of disgust. But excess of it often deals with aching overstuffed feeling. Here are some of the ways in which you can manage gastric troubles.
Perhaps it’s a good sign

It has been observed that an adult releases intestinal gas to about 10 to 20 times a day. Various varieties of foods can cause gas, such as cauliflower, beans and some whole grains.

Slow down if you are eating too fast

Doctors suggest that whenever you eat or drink something, small quantity of air walks down into your stomach and consequently go into the digestive tract. However, some of the air withdraws in the form of burp. Thus, it is advisable to drink sip by sip and chew food thoroughly.

Do not pair too many foods

Air also goes down one’s stomach, if it’s integrated into foods and drinks. Gastroenterologists blame cola, beer and all kind of fizzy drinks for most number of gas problems.

Inhaling air with puff sear

It appears that people who smoke tend to even gulp down some air along with it. So, kick that butt for all the right reasons!

Sulfur has airy vent

Gastroenterologists suggest that lesser the sulfur content in one’s system lesser is the amount that ventilates out in form of farts. Farts are basically because of the mixture of gases however, the foul smell comes from the ones that are rich in sulfur. It is mainly foods such as eggs, meat and cauliflower that are rich in sulfur content.

Vegetables can be fart-able!

Lentils, beans and other legumes are known to cause flatulence as they constitute of sugar trio - raffinose, stachyose and verbascose- that directs to arrive in our colons moderately unmarked because we lack the enzymes to digest them. It is always advisable to boil beans and then eat them, rather than cooking them for long.

Not really a sweet affair

Doctors are of opinion that people with small intestines can’t absorb huge quantities of fructose and should avoid overriding on foods loaded by high levels of fructose corn syrup such as ketchup, sherbet and so on.


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