First Nokia Phone with Windows 7 going to launch in this year

  • Will touch screen, colorful cases and the Microsoft logo clearly visible
  • Microsoft will provide software and hardware Nokia
  • In 2011 also will be the first device with the operating system Meego
    Imagen del nuevo teléfono.
    Picture of the new Nokia Phone with Windows 7 goes on sale this year

In his first public appearance after announcing the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia , the Finnish company's president, Stephen Elop, did not want to go too deeply into the intricacies of the deal, but he did confirm that this year will already have available the new terminal equipped with Windows Phone. In fact, giant TV screens have already been advanced in a side event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will look like the 'smartphone', much like the iPhone, touch screen, colorful cases and the Microsoft logo clearly visible on the bottom of the device.
[foto de la noticia]
Moreover, the joint team of Nokia and Microsoft have already put to work in the design of the new terminal, one of the unfinished business of the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in the world, which has lagged behind Apple and Android . Despite this shy announcement, Elop has tiptoed past the thorny issues surrounding the agreement and the substantial reduction of the staff of Finnish giant . In this sense, the president only has limited itself to saying that would be a "long process" but did not disclose details of the measure.

Nokia and Microsoft, 'complementary'

In addition, Elop has denied the rumors of the sale of Nokia to Microsoft and has been limited to ensure that "Microsoft will provide software and hardware for Nokia's future mobile telephony in the world." Furthermore, since the company confirmed that the products of both companies are at all "complementary."
On the Symbian operating system, the company has assured that it will continue to develop and will be available through the Ovi (Nokia online store), but only apply it to midrange phones. In turn, this year also will see the first device with the operating system Meegan, which Nokia developed with Intel.
However, the principal business of Nokia will be the smartphone with Windows Mobile. According Elop, the future outlook for mobile will be divided three ecosystems: IOs, Apple, Android, Google, and Nokia Phone Windows. A new "opportunity" for the largest mobile phone maker in the world, who must overcome an adverse situation after the unchecked advance of Apple and Android.


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