Buying a house (step by step)

This guide will make it easier by providing you all the information you need to make a wise choice. This "manual contains checklists and worksheets that will guide you throughout the acquisition process, from the moment you make the decision to buy until the movers carry the first box by the front door. It has never been easier!

  • Step 1: Homeownership is it a good choice for me?
    Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. You can prepare yourself by learning more about the process of buying a home and responsibilities of ownership. 
  • Step 2: Do I have the means to access the property?
    The second step will, by simple calculations, assess your financial situation and know the maximum price you should consider.
  • Step 3: Which house is right for me?
    Once you have established the approximate price you can afford to pay you should think about your current and future needs, for example, size, special features, lifestyle and time of your life.
  • Step 4: The buying process
  • Step 5: Here I am owner
    Practical advice to new owners in terms of fiscal responsibility, repairs, maintenance and renovation of housing.
  • Useful words to know when buying your home
    This glossary provides definitions of some simple but comprehensive terms you might find in the guide "Buying a house step by step."
  • Worksheets
    These worksheets and checklists will be useful practices throughout the process of buying a home.


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