Anxiety advice

What is anxiety?

Lack of control over your thoughts gives anxiety. As negative thoughts get stronger and stronger, so does one's anxiety levels. Learn how to control negative thoughts.

Tips on managing anxiety

  • Feelings and emotions fuel anxiety. Learn some self discipline and control your feelings, and also develop emotional and mental detachment. The more you get attached to a particular feeling or thought, the more you are bound to feel anxious about it.

  • When you go to bed at night, and when you wake up in the morning, think only about the good things that are happening to you. There are always some good things happening, even if small and insignificant. This will help you feel good about yourself and life in general.

  • Start the day with several minutes of positive affirmations. Use positive and cheering words to motivate yourself.

  • Be busy, do something. Being without any work gives your mind ample time to think about the negativity around you. By doing something you keep your mind off your anxiety. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes or working in your garden, reading, studying, meditating or exercising are some of the ways to keep yourself busy and keeping the anxiety at a bay.

  • Set a goal and work every day to achieve it. This action will direct your thoughts and feelings away from worries and anxieties.

  • Share your anxieties with someone you trust. Talking about your anxieties often lessen them, provided you talk with a desire to get rid of your anxieties.

  • A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. So keep yourself physically fit by exercising regularly, doing yoga or aerobics or any other sport.

  • Find reasons to laugh. This will lighten your mood and bring cheer and happiness into your life and drive anxiety away.

  • If watching a particular movie or news fills you with anxiety - turn off the TV. Limit the time you watch the news, and don't watch anything that may upset you before you go to bed.


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